1/6 Committee Target Rep. Madison Cawthorn Mobilizes Domestic Terrorists To Attack DC Again

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Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) told supporters that “they are moving on” bringing home terrorists backmost to DC to escaped 1/6 attackers from jail.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Admits To Planning And Inciting Another Domestic Terror Attack


At Macon County GOP lawsuit yesterday, Madison Cawthorn called January 6 rioters “political hostages,” and spoke of trying to “bust them out.” Then- Attendee: “When are you gonna telephone america to Washington again?" Cawthorn: “We are actively moving connected that one.” https://t.co/hN96kswnNt


Rep. Cawthorn called the radical who are successful jailhouse for attempting to overthrow the authorities “political hostages,” and erstwhile asked erstwhile the terrorists would beryllium called backmost to Washington, D.C., said, “we are moving connected it.” He besides promised that the coercion inciters person a fewer plans successful question that helium can’t publically speech astir close now.

Cawthorn Is One Of The House GOP’s 1/6 Committee Investigation Targets.

Rep. Cawthorn is 1 of the galore House Republicans who the 1/6 Committee has asked telecom companies to sphere their telephone records. Cawthorn spoke astatine Trump’s 1/6 rally and appeared to beryllium attempting to incite much violence, arsenic helium views playing to home terrorists arsenic bully politics.

Cawthorn either doesn’t recognize the information of what helium is playing with, oregon helium doesn’t care. If helium doesn’t care, past helium is plotting an onslaught connected the United States authorities and is simply a criminal.

The 1/6 Committee probe volition exposure each of the House Republicans who are progressive successful what looks similar an active anti-government crippled to physique a home panic cell.

The information is real, arsenic Madison Cawthorn is trying to incite different 1/6 attack.

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