10 Ways to Create an Empire with Media Release Templates

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If you're a business owner or marketing professional, chances are that you've heard of the term "media release." But do you know how to write one? Or what makes a good one? If not, don't worry: we'll help! Here are 10 ways that template-driven press release format

press release examplecan help your organization get the attention of journalists and influencers:

The first thing you need to do is understand the purpose of a news release

A news release is a written statement that provides information about a company or organization. It's typically distributed to media outlets and other organizations, as well as industry insiders who are interested in the topic at hand.

A press release template can be used to announce new products or services, increase awareness of your company's brand, share important news about your business, and more. In fact, it's often used by companies looking to gain more exposure for their products and services through advertising campaigns (a type of advertising that involves spending money on advertisements).

The best way to write one is by following these simple steps:

  • Know what type of information you want out there first—this will help guide which elements should go into your pitch when making plans for distribution later down the line!

  • Figure out who exactly needs this info so they can pass along word quickly enough before anyone else does anything else with it first; otherwise nobody ever learns about how awesomely awesomely amazing those awesomely amazing things really were :)

Include all the important information in the first paragraph

The first paragraph of your news release example should be a summary of the main points. It's important to include all the important information in this section and not use jargon or technical terms unless they're required by the industry you're writing about.

  • Use a catchy headline to grab attention - The headline should make it clear what kind of release this is, for example: "New Restaurant Opens Today!" or "Sale Offers Available Now!".

  • Don't be afraid to use bold and italicized text when appropriate - Bolding text can attract attention, especially if you're trying to highlight something specific within your content (such as a product name). Italics are also good for emphasizing words or phrases within an article; however, don't overuse them because they can become distracting!

Make sure your press release is newsworthy

You want to make sure your media release example is newsworthy and relevant to your audience. This means that it should have the potential to catch the attention of a journalist or blogger, who will then write about it in their publication. It also means that what you're saying must be interesting, accurate, timely and relevant (so there's no point publishing something that's old news).

Your press release should not just be about sharing information about yourself or your company—it should also provide value for readers by offering insight into an issue they care about or showing how you've solved problems in your industry before others did so successfully by using innovative technology etcetera...

Focus on clarity and consistency

If you’re just getting started with your media release template, it’s important to make sure that your press release is easy to read. This can be done by using the same style and tone throughout the entire release. If you have multiple pieces of content in a single file (we recommend keeping everything together), then be sure that all of those pieces are consistent with one another.

If any part of what you write needs more explanation or detail than what was written previously in other parts of this document, include an additional section where readers can find more information on those topics. This will help ensure that people who aren’t familiar with journalism know exactly how much information is included in each piece so they don't feel overwhelmed when reading through multiple documents simultaneously—which leads us right back into our first point...

Use language that will appeal to your target audience

  • Use language that will appeal to your target audience.

  • Use active voice.

  • Use simple language.

  • Short sentences are better than long ones, especially in a media release template because it’s easier for the reader to read and understand when the sentence is short and concise (which means less reading).

  • Don't use complex words or phrases; instead, use simple words that mean one thing but not another (for example: "Serves up" versus "Serves up delicious food"). This makes it easier for people who aren't familiar with the product/service being discussed in their article or blog post so they can quickly understand what you're trying to say without having too much clutter on top of all those other important details that need attention first before moving forward with anything else related specifically toward this specific topic area."

Keep it short and punchy

A good rule of thumb for writing a sample press release template is to keep it short and punchy. The reason for this is that writing in the active voice will make your message much more engaging, which in turn helps you build trust with your readers.

Also, if you use short sentences, bullet points, bold and italic text as well as jargon-free language (which we'll get into later), then your reader will be able to quickly absorb what you're saying without having to spend too much time thinking about it first.

Build relationships with journalists

  • Build relationships with journalists.

  • Pitch your story to the right journalist.

  • Find the right journalist for your story and pitch it to them using a media release template.

Don't send a press release to every single media outlet

Don't send your press release to every single media outlet. Instead, use a media list that allows you to send the same announcement only to the outlets most relevant to your audience.

If you're not sure which outlets are worth contacting, check out our [media list](http://www.mediabistro.com/publications/mockingbird-media-newsletter). It's a great way of finding out exactly what's going on in the world of journalism and how we can help each other out!

Track, analyze, learn and optimize

You can track the results of your press release by using the tracking feature included in this template. In addition to tracking, you also want to analyze and learn from these results so that you can optimize future releases.

If you're looking for ways to create an empire with media release templates, then this is a great way!

Template your media releases to save time and money.

By using the same template for all your media releases, you save time and money. In fact, you can even use the same template for blog posts as well! This will save journalists from having to search through several different sites to find the information they need for each story.

You may think it’s not worth spending extra money on a template because there are free ones out there (like these), but those templates aren't always easy-to-read or organized enough for journalists who are looking for specific details in an article—and if they don't have time then maybe they won't even bother reading it at all!


We hope these tips will help you create an empire with media releases. Remember, just because you can write a press release example for new product doesn’t mean it’s any good or that you should use one. You also have to make sure your story is relevant and newsworthy enough before sending out this type of communication. It’s important to follow some simple guidelines so that when journalists receive them they will be interested 

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