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Drive-in pop up in Mesa lets you get out of the house while still social distancing

When social distancing became a recommendation, many stayed home. Meaning you can’t stop, can’t eat inside restaurants and movie theaters are closed.

Digital Drive-In AZ in Mesa came about when a group of entertainers was out of work. Their shows were canceled until the end of May because of COVID-19 so they put all their equipment together and made the theater in just 14 days.

It’s a perfect birthday for Jackman whose birthday falls right Mesa News in the middle of a global pandemic.

"He goes completely stir crazy and actually getting out for his birthday for a movie he has been wanting to see and being out at the same time hits all the buttons," says Michael Dun, Jackman's dad.

Cars are parked at each stall, 20 feet apart at the drive-in.

"This is great," Sara Dun says. "We love going to the movies and we haven’t done it in a while and with the grandparents next door, at least we can do somethings together."

The drive in was a collaborative effort.

"I said 'well I have that 40x10 stage, lets hang video wall, let us Press Release Distribution Services In Mesa do a drive-in movie' ... so with Allen having the property, me having the stage and Guiermo having the video wall and Herman having the bike rack, we said lets do it lets build it," Bob Bentley said. "If we build it, they will come.

"This is something that you can enjoy with your entire family of course the people in your immediate household," Bentley said.

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