5 Things We're Excited For With Destiny 2: The Witch Queen And Season Of The Lost

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Bungie promised a large uncover for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, but we got truthful overmuch much than that. Not lone tin Guardians leap into Season of the Lost starting today, the workplace besides shared what the Witch Queen enlargement volition bring to the table, including the champion darn limb from Destiny 1 successful existence. Since determination is truthful overmuch to discuss, we figured we'd interruption down our apical 5 features revealed during the Witch Queen showcase. 

The bulk of the showcase centered astir Witch Queen and the seasons that it volition encompass, though determination were immoderate 30-year celebrations thrown successful arsenic well! The Witch Queen volition beryllium a caller run that aims to bring the communicative afloat ellipse erstwhile reflecting backmost connected the lore astir the Hive deity and her siblings successful their bid for powerfulness connected Fundament, the Hive location world. With Mara Sov's instrumentality and Osiris being... hmm, you cognize - Season of the Lost volition pb into the caller expansion, continuing connected the unthinkable storytelling that genuinely deed its stride with Season of the Chosen and Splicer

So what are we astir excited astir with Witch Queen and Season of the Lost? Let's dive in!

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