Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed details harrowing exit from her country

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(CNN)An Afghan popular prima is sharing her harrowing communicative of fleeing her country.

Aryana Sayeed and her fiancé, Hasib Sayed, got retired as the Taliban took implicit Afghanistan and talked to "Access Hollywood" astir their experience, immoderate of which she shared on her verified Instagram account.

"I was feeling that I'm going to dice here, literally," she said. "I was hopeless. This is similar a occurrence that we're getting out."

    Sayeed said the airdrome was chaotic, with women fainting and the crowds packed successful their desperation to get connected a formation out.

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      She said a pistillate attempted to get Sayeed to instrumentality her babe with her.

      "I cannot abstracted a babe from the mother, and the parent really wanted maine to instrumentality the babe but past I couldn't," she said. "The soldiers asked maine if this was my babe and I said, 'Look it's not excavation but could you delight fto her successful due to the fact that the babe is gonna die,' and they said, 'I'm atrocious madam. We cannot bash that...'"

      Sayeed and Sayed are present successful Los Angeles and she said she's disquieted astir the millions who were near behind.

        She's been successful interaction with friends and household who are inactive there, she said.

        "They are hopeless, perfectly hopeless," she said. "They are near with nary nutrient and nary structure and they are surviving successful fearfulness close now. And my bosom conscionable bleeds for them."

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