Afghanistan: Security Council resolution calls for ‘equal and meaningful participation of women’  

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The Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution renewing the mandate of the UN Assistance Mission successful Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Friday, specifying the value of “equal and meaningful participation” of women successful nationalist life. 

The resolution also emphasizes “the value of the constitution of an inclusive and typical government”, successful the aftermath of the Taliban takeover connected 15 August.  

It further highlights the value of “upholding quality rights, including for women, children and minorities.” 

Authorizing a six month extension of the UN mission’s mandate, Council members requested the Secretary-General hole a study by 31 January 2022, that outlines “strategic and operational recommendations for the mandate of UNAMA successful airy of caller political, security, and societal developments”. 

Girls play   volleyball astatine  a schoolhouse  successful  Herat, Afghanistan, successful  2016.

Girls play volleyball astatine a schoolhouse successful Herat, Afghanistan, successful 2016., by UNAMA

It also calls on António Guterres to little the Council connected the concern in the country and the enactment of UNAMA each different month, until 17 March 2022.  

The solution recognizes “the request for strengthened efforts to supply humanitarian assistance” and says it requires “all parties to allow full, harmless and unhindered humanitarian access”.  

The radical successful Afghanistan are engulfed successful aggregate crises, with fractional the colonisation successful urgent request of aid. More than a cardinal dollars was pledged to assistance the civilian colonisation astatine a peculiar UN humanitarian league which took spot connected Monday. 

Terrorism concerns 

The 15 Council members also want to ensure that Afghanistan is not utilized arsenic a basal for terrorism.  

“The territory of Afghanistan should not beryllium utilized to endanger oregon onslaught immoderate country, to program oregon concern terrorists acts, oregon to structure and bid terrorists, and that no Afghan radical oregon idiosyncratic should enactment terrorists operating connected the territory of immoderate country,” the resolution reads. 

The text stresses “the important relation that the United Nations volition proceed to person promoting bid and stability” successful the country, highlighting not lone UNAMA, but other agencies, funds and programmes.  

Future of the country 

Separately, successful a joint property statement by Security Council penholders (who pb and negociate the drafting of resolutions) Norway and Estonia, their ambassadors noted that the concern “remains unpredictable”, successful Afghanistan. 

For them, today’s ballot shows “the unanimous presumption of the Security Council to enactment the Afghan radical done a continued beingness of the United Nations connected the ground.” 

The 2 nations say they volition “continue to enactment and fortify the voices of women peacebuilders and quality rights defenders successful Afghanistan.” 

“Afghan women are pillars of nine and indispensable play an indispensable relation successful gathering sustainable bid and stableness successful Afghanistan,” said the statement. 

The co-penholders applauded the commitments made astatine Monday’s conference, to scale-up humanitarian funding, but say it is besides captious to guarantee that humanitarian assistance, in peculiar women humanitarian workers, volition person harmless and unhindered entree passim the country. 

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