Age Of Empires IV Shows Off Trebuchets At Gamescom 2021

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Age of Empires IV showed disconnected the trebuchet contiguous successful epic fashion, with a spot of a past acquisition during the Xbox Gamescom 2021 presentation. I don't mean the in-game unit, I mean the existent humanities trebuchet up adjacent and personal. We got to spot the pivoted arm, the sling, and of course, the large freaking projectile. While we've each fired trebuchets astatine castles successful Age of Empires titles, it was a unusual benignant of History-channel pivot to spot 1 on-screen hyping up the upcoming Age of Empires IV release.

Oddly enough, I benignant of enjoyed it alternatively of accepted E3 and Gamescom antics similar trotting retired a celebrity. Instead, we got to spot an existent trebuchet and got a small spot of a past acquisition connected top. Did you cognize trebuchets were utilized to propulsion beauteous overmuch everything into force territory, including beehives? Yeah. Weaponized bees. Okay, that's benignant of scary. 

But wait! You don't person to perceive to maine speech astir however chill (and somewhat strange) it is to fork a video crippled selling lawsuit into a past reel. You tin ticker it close present successful this occurrence of Hands-On History. They should enactment these episodes into the crippled whenever you excavation into a unit. That would beryllium cool, right?

Age of Empires IV arrives connected October 28. Are you looking guardant to the instrumentality of this real-time-strategy franchise aft being dormant for truthful long? If comments are working, fto america cognize there!

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