Airbnb, IBD Stock Of The Day, Maintains Cruise Control During Pandemic

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Airbnb Inc Cl A

Airbnb Inc Cl A


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  • Shares broke retired of a bottoming base, formed cupful with grip July 1
  • Stock surpassed introduction constituent of 152.86; bargain portion extended to 160.50
  • If shares autumn beneath intraday debased of 146.50, merchantability rules spell into effect

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Airbnb (ABNB) is the IBD Stock Of The Day arsenic the large-cap question play performs good successful a challenging pandemic environment. Airbnb banal surged into a bargain portion Tuesday.


Shares of Airbnb jumped 8.8%, adjacent 159.74, during day trading connected the stock marketplace today. The relative spot line is besides spiking.

Airbnb banal broke retired of a cupful with grip wrong a overmuch larger consolidation. The bargain constituent is 152.86. The bargain portion extends to 160.50. If the banal falls beneath its intraday debased of 146.50, sell rules spell into effect in bid to bounds losses.

The leap successful Airbnb banal trails the company's caller second-quarter net report, which indicated pent-up request for question arsenic much countries get vaccinated and restrictions are lifted.

When the institution reported second-quarter earnings connected Aug. 13, Airbnb gross soared 300% to $1.3 billion. Its adjusted nonaccomplishment was 11 cents a share. Analysts expected a nonaccomplishment of 36 cents.

Airbnb's gross booking value successful the 4th exceeded pre-pandemic levels. Travelers from the U.S. and parts of Europe were the superior drivers of the question recovery. But the institution warned of impacts connected question by Covid-19 and the delta variant successful its newsletter to shareholders.

San Francisco-based Airbnb was founded successful 2008 arsenic Airbed & Breakfast, operating an online marketplace for lodging. Its marketplace exemplary connects hosts and guests online oregon done mobile devices to publication spaces. Primary offerings are homestays for abrogation rentals and tourism activities.

Airbnb IPO Set A Record

Plans for an Airbnb archetypal nationalist offering were earnestly disrupted by the pandemic, which deed overmuch of the U.S. system hard. But possibly nary manufacture was deed arsenic hard arsenic travel. Airbnb — on with airlines, hotels and question booking companies — had a disastrous 2nd 4th successful 2020. Airbnb gross plummeted 72% from the year-ago period.

Nevertheless, the institution launched its IPO successful December that raised $3.5 billion, wide exceeding heightened expectations. It was the largest IPO of the year. Airbnb banal soared by triple digits connected its archetypal time of trading.

Airbnb competes with different online question platforms specified arsenic Booking Holdings (BKNG), Expedia (EXPE) and (TCOM). It besides faces contention from hunt engines sites specified arsenic Google-owner Alphabet (GOOGL), TripAdvisor (TRIP) and Trivago (TRVG).

In 2019, Airbnb began adding travel packages, called Airbnb Adventures. The packages alteration wide successful price, depending connected the magnitude and determination of the tour. They see adventures specified arsenic a stream travel successful the Yukon oregon a bush locomotion successful Kenya.

Airbnb Stock Checkup

On Tuesday, Chief Executive Brian Chesky announced Airbnb volition commencement lodging 20,000 Afghan refugees astir the satellite escaped of charge. The refugees volition beryllium housed successful properties listed connected Airbnb's level and the stays volition beryllium funded by Airbnb. He did not accidental however agelong they would enactment oregon the cost.

Over the past 4 years, Airbnb has connected astir 25,000 refugees — including hundreds participating successful the U.S. Special Immigrant Visa Program — to impermanent housing, the institution said successful a property release

The IBD Stock Checkup tool shows that Airbnb banal has a anemic IBD Composite Rating of 24 retired of 99. The standing is simply a blend of cardinal cardinal and method metrics to assistance investors easy gauge a stock's strengths. It means Airbnb presently outperforms 24% of each stocks successful presumption of the astir important cardinal and method stock-picking criteria.

The banal besides has a Relative Strength Rating of 29. The standing tracks marketplace enactment by showing however a stock's terms question implicit the past 52 weeks measures up against that of different stocks.

Airbnb is besides an IBD Leaderboard stock.

If you're funny successful buying large-cap stocks, successful these articles you'll find technical analysis of starring ample caps to spot if they are successful oregon adjacent a due buy zone.

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