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(Pocket-lint) - The second-generation Fire TV Cube is disposable astatine a bully Black Friday discount, and is perfect for each your streaming and Alexa needs.

This is simply a large instrumentality if you're a instrumentality of Alexa, combining the skills of the Amazon Echo and Fire TV.

Save up   to 45% connected  Fire TV Cube (2nd gen)

The Fire TV Cube is fundamentally a transverse betwixt a accepted 4K Fire TV Stick and an Amazon Echo voice-enabled speaker. It's present down to $79.99 oregon £59.99 - redeeming $40 oregon £50! 

The Fire TV Cube is simply a small, cubed set-top-box that combines the afloat Fire TV streaming acquisition and an Amazon Echo. Its cardinal diagnostic is that its HDMI output is HDMI-CEC enabled, truthful you tin usage the container and Alexa to power your TV arsenic good arsenic your Sky container (UK) oregon cablegram container (US).

You tin besides archer it to rise oregon little the measurement oregon adjacent power the TV connected from standby. It has a light-up portion on the front, similar the airy ringing astir the apical of an Echo oregon Echo Dot, and  buttons connected the apical similar those recovered connected an Echo.

The instrumentality supports 4K HDR video streaming, Dolby Atmos audio and integrates a built-in speaker. It's not rather a afloat Amazon Echo replacement though, arsenic the dependable prime is much Echo Dot than a full-blown Echo speaker. This enables you to usage the Alexa dependable adjunct without having to power connected your TV.

The Fire TV Cube has dual-band Wi-Fi built successful but besides comes with an Ethernet adapter for a wired net connection. Apart from that, connections see a powerfulness port, Micro-USB larboard (where the adapter plugs in), and the antecedently mentioned HDMI 2.0a output.

You besides get wired infrared distant support.

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Writing by Rob Kerr. Editing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 25 April 2018.

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