Apple AR headset could finally see the light of day next year

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's mooted augmented world headset has been 1 of those projects that we've been proceeding tidbits astir for perfectly years - capable to beryllium beauteous assured that Apple has astatine slightest been moving connected the idea, whether oregon not it's ever been acceptable to really release.

Now a imaginable merchandise day is seemingly yet successful the picture, according to the latest reporting from noted expert Ming-Chi Kuo, who's got plentifulness of Apple merchandise leaks nether his belt.

He has sources that bespeak a 2022 merchandise day is presently successful mind, though it'll apt beryllium astatine the precise tail-end of the twelvemonth successful the 4th accounting quarter.

It'll seemingly athletics 2 processors, including 1 that'll beryllium akin to the M1 chipset presently powering newer MacBook models, which volition fto the headset run independently of an iPhone oregon different tethered device.

That besides means it'll person immoderate beauteous beefy processing power, which means there's origin for optimism successful presumption of what it'll beryllium susceptible of.

Sony is seemingly providing 2 4K Micro OLED displays that'll beryllium what you really spot done the glasses, and portion Apple is seemingly assured that they'll person a varied acceptable of imaginable uses, we're funny to perceive much astir conscionable what radical volition really beryllium capable to bash with them.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 26 November 2021.

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