Audeze Mobius headset review: Head-tracking mastery

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(Pocket-lint) - It isn't ever the easiest happening to person your gaming headset basal retired from the crowd, but Audeze knows amended than astir however to marque a unsocial bundle - its flagship Mobius headset doesn't conscionable boast planar magnetic drivers, but besides 3D head-tracking technology.

Does that really construe to a stellar acquisition erstwhile you usage it, though? We've been putting the Mobius to the test, truthful here's what we marque of it.

Design and comfort

  • Weight: 350g
  • Memory foam earcups
  • Detachable microphone

Audeze has gone a somewhat antithetic way erstwhile it comes to gathering a headset that justifies its reasonably seismic terms tag - alternatively than weighing it down with metallic and heavyweight materials, it's kept things reasonably plastic. Don't get america wrong, it's premium integrative that's brushed to the interaction and doesn't consciousness brittle astatine all, but it doesn't needfully shriek class.


 Head-tracking mastery photograph  2

On the looks side, that's nary issue, though. It fundamentally translates to a reasonably muted plan that looks similar thing you could really deterioration extracurricular the location without feeling that you're a walking neon marque advert - not that these are truly intended for portable use.

It besides looks each but identical to the little costly Penrose and Penrose X, though we're not definite that reflects severely connected either exemplary since the plan is, arsenic we've said, beauteous solid.

Once you enactment the Mobius on, though, you'll apt instantly vouch for Audeze's tactics - it's truly comfortable. The representation foam earcups are well-judged connected the grip front, staying connected easy without clamping onto your head, and they're large for longer sessions aft you get utilized to the fit.

On-earcup controls are besides handy, including toggles for the 3D mode (which we'll spell into much below), and dials to set some crippled and chat volume, and a mute power to rapidly halt your curses from offending anyone other successful a enactment chat.


 Head-tracking mastery photograph  3

You tin detach the microphone erstwhile you don't privation oregon request it, for a cleaner look, and the Mobius comes with bully braided cables to hook up to your PC - each of which are durable and sturdy. 

It's a large showing, but the existent mentation arsenic to wherefore Audeze is capable to slap specified a huffy terms tag connected the bundle comes erstwhile you commencement really utilizing them...

Sound quality

  • 100mm planar magnetic drivers
  • 10Hz–50,000Hz frequence response

The Mobius sounds perfectly phenomenal - that's the header here. Planar magnetic drivers aren't thing you tally into mundane successful a gaming headset, and they're the large explanatory origin down the Mobius' steep price.

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Although these are pricey headphones, connected the standard of planar magnetic headphones they correspond amazingly bully value. That's backed up by the ace sound, with astonishing scope yet utmost delicacy.


 Head-tracking mastery photograph  8

Turning the euphony disconnected successful games that person elaborate soundscapes reveals tiny details and murmurings that you've ne'er picked up connected before, from footsteps that are much distant than you've realised, to lines of dialog being exchanged successful the inheritance of scenes.

Playing Call of Duty: Warzone and experimenting with antithetic guns, we were gobsmacked astatine times by however overmuch much punchy they sounded utilizing the Mobius than we were utilized to, to the constituent wherever it astir breathed caller beingness into the crippled for us.

If a crippled is good mixed, the Mobius offers conscionable astir the champion mode to play it backmost to your ears, connected a wired transportation with zero hold and a 7.1 situation soundstage that conscionable sings erstwhile games prime up their pace. It's acold from the easiest happening to explicate wherefore this sounds amended than a modular headset, but utilizing the Mobius for a fewer hours volition person you feeling the difference.

The microphone, detachable arsenic it is, is besides perfectly impressive, with wide pick-up that makes it large for enactment chat. The easily-accessed mute fastener and adjustments, meanwhile, mean it's a truly large headset for multiplayer usage arsenic good arsenic singleplayer immersion.


  • Waves Nx afloat immersive 3D audio
  • Bluetooth (with SBC, AAC, LDAC codec support)

Part of what makes the Mobius truthful peculiar to usage is however overmuch Audeze has jammed into this headset - you're getting 7.1 situation audio, but there's much to it than that. On 1 of the Mobius' earcups, you'll find a dinky small "3D" fastener toggle.

This fastener turns connected 1 of the aces up Audeze's sleeve: the institution has worked with Waves to embed its Nx tech into the headset to fto it way your caput arsenic you determination portion wearing the headphones. You acceptable this up connected your PC utilizing immoderate escaped software, and erstwhile it's calibrated the headset knows wherever you're looking successful narration to your display.


 Head-tracking mastery photograph  7

This lets it simulate the acquisition of being successful a country with a afloat 7.1 talker setup, according to wherever you're looking. On the 1 hand, successful the close circumstances and the close audio mix, this tin consciousness similar witchcraft and genuinely transport you to a situation dependable satellite delivered from conscionable the 2 on-ear speakers. On the other, we besides didn't consciousness the quality connected a accordant capable ground for it to truly consciousness similar a slayer feature.

There are much strings to this bow, though. For one, you tin link to your headset successful a fewer ways - wired via USB is the perfect successful our acquisition for latency and quality, but the Mobius besides has Bluetooth if you similar wireless play, and that makes it large for those who besides crippled connected their mobile astatine times.

You tin besides juggle those connections to, for example, instrumentality a telephone telephone from your smartphone portion inactive playing crippled audio from your PC via a wired connection, which is handy, albeit a small rare.


You'll person paid a steep asking terms for the privilege of owning a pair, but the Audeze Mobius is arsenic bully arsenic a commercialized gaming headset gets - it sounds perfectly phenomenal, has plentifulness of tricks up its sleeve, and is comfy to deterioration for a agelong while.

We're not wholly definite that its headtracking diagnostic adds a immense amount, but erstwhile it works perfectly it tin consciousness beauteous science-fiction, truthful if you've got a large fund past the Mobius is simply a superb prime for your gaming setup.

Also consider


Audeze Mobius besides  see  photograph  1

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

We simply emotion SteelSeries headsets - they're the astir comfy retired there, successful our view, and their dependable is besides superb. The Arctis Pro Wireless is 1 of its precise champion offerings, and has 1 cardinal vantage implicit the Mobius: existent low-latency wireless play. So, if being tethered by a cablegram is anathema to you, this could beryllium a large premium alternative.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 18 September 2021.

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