Australian golfer makes hole-in-one just shy of 100th birthday

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(CNN)Traditional golfing etiquette calls for waiting for the radical successful beforehand of you to vacate the greenish earlier hitting your thrust connected a par-3 hole.

Since 99-year-old Hugh Brown typically struggles to marque the greenish successful 1 shot, helium teed disconnected with the group up of him inactive connected the 5th spread greenish astatine the Indooroopilly Golf Club successful Queensland, Australia.

Next happening helium knew, Brown saw the radical up waving their hands. He thought it was a motion of their choler that helium had played.

    But erstwhile helium made his mode down to the greenish and asked wherever his shot was, they pointed to the hole.

      Hugh Brown carded his archetypal  hole-in-one since 1960.

      Brown had made a hole-in-one connected the 161-yard par-3 hole, conscionable 2 months shy of his 100th birthday.

      According to a study by CNN affiliate, 9News Queensland, it was Brown's archetypal ace since 1960, ending a singular 61-year drought.

      He's besides thought to beryllium the oldest Australian golfer to execute the feat.

      As is customary aft hitting a hole-in-one, Brown was required to bargain a circular of drinks for his playing companions -- the self-professed group, "Old and Bold," who play 3 times a week.

      The circular really outgo little than it did the past clip helium deed a hole-in-one.

      "I deliberation it outgo maine 15 pounds ($337.73 USD successful 1960) which was a batch of wealth successful those days," Brown said.

      While hitting into a radical up mightiness not beryllium bully practice, it surely paid disconnected for Brown.

      Brown plays a shot.

        Although the odds of nonrecreational golfers hitting a hole-in-one are importantly higher than your mean player, they inactive whitethorn spell their full vocation without one.

        The likelihood of a circuit subordinate hitting a hole-in-one are 3,000 to 1, portion for mean players they are 12,000 to 1, according to the National Hole-in-One Registry.

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