AWS and Caltech open Center for Quantum Computing

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The installation successful Pasadena is the caller location for AWS's quantum enactment and volition absorption connected scaling the tech and gathering mistake correction into the hardware.


The AWS Center for Quantum Computing is located connected the Caltech field successful Pasadena, California.

Image: AWS

AWS announced Tuesday that the caller Center for Quantum Computing astatine the California Institute of Technology is unfastened and acceptable to instrumentality connected the challenges of standard and mistake correction. AWS volition person a squad of hardware engineers, quantum theorists and bundle developers moving to "push the boundaries of quantum R&D." Researchers and scientists volition beryllium capable to make, trial and run quantum processors astatine the installation successful summation to improving the processes for controlling quantum computers and scaling the hardware specified arsenic cryogenic cooling systems and wiring.

Oskar Painter, the John G Braun Professor of Applied Physics, Head of Quantum Hardware, and Fernando Brandao, Bren Professor of Theoretical Physics, Head of Quantum Algorithms, are the method leads of the Center.

Nadia Carlsten, caput of merchandise astatine the AWS Center for Quantum Computing, wrote successful a blog station that the company's quantum customers are anxious to collaborate with the halfway and physique up interior expertise with the knowing that it's inactive aboriginal days for the technology.

Caltech has been a person successful quantum exertion since the root of the idea. Richard Feynman was a Caltech physics prof and 1 of the archetypal radical to speech astir the thought of quantum computing. In 19994, Caltech postgraduate Peter Shor developed a quantum algorithm for factoring ample numbers quickly, and successful 1998, Caltech prof Jeff Kimble achieved quantum teleportation by sending accusation from 1 airy beam to different via entanglement.

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The assemblage collaboration volition link the commercialized broadside of quantum computing with  cardinal probe going connected astatine Caltech, according to an nonfiction from the institute announcing the opening of the center

"If we were to conscionable instrumentality today's ideas and spell guardant with them, we would make a dinosaur of a quantum computer," Painter said successful the article. "We request to beryllium intimately connected and tied into these basal probe efforts."

The assemblage sees the superior extremity of AWS arsenic creating a machine architecture that builds quantum mistake correction into the hardware. Painter said that researchers volition code the quality to standard quantum computing by galore orders of magnitude arsenic good arsenic figuring retired what problems are champion solved with the technology.

The institute reports that this is the archetypal corporate-partnership gathering connected the Caltech campus, and it reflects Caltech's interests successful bringing cardinal subject to the marketplace. 

"AWS volition payment from the ideas percolating present connected campus," Painter said.

The institute expects the halfway to enactment Caltech students and aboriginal vocation scientists via scholarships, internships and seminars.

"This volition beryllium beauteous astonishing for students, and AWS tin pat into that talent," Painter said successful the article. "Those are the aboriginal engineers and scientists who are going to physique quantum computers."

Experts successful quantum-related fields volition contributing to the Center's enactment arsenic Amazon Scholars and Amazon Visiting Academics, including:

  • Liang Jiang, University of Chicago
  • Alexey Gorshkov, University of Maryland
  • John Preskill, Caltech
  • Gil Refael, Caltech
  • Amir Safavi-Naeimi, Stanford
  • Dave Schuster, University of Chicago
  • James Whitfield, Dartmouth

These researchers volition proceed to thatch and behaviour probe astatine their universities portion moving with the Center.  

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