Best 23A batteries 2021: Stock up on these tiny 12V powerhouses

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(Pocket-lint) - Our Top Pick is the Energizer A23 12V (Five-Pack). Other artillery sets to see are the Duracell 23A (Two-Pack), Amazon Basics 23A (Four-Pack), LiCB 23A 12V (Five-Pack), and Gold Peak 23A Batteries (Five-Pack).

Whether you telephone them A23, 23A oregon 23AE batteries, these small 12V beauties supply the powerfulness down tons of tiny gadgets, including the likes of information fobs, car keys, doorbells and location information systems.

Therefore, it's indispensable to person plentifulness connected manus for erstwhile your devices tally debased connected juice. Since it's improbable you'll person galore things successful your location that you tin rapidly power out, arsenic well, dissimilar with AA oregon AAA batteries, it's adjacent much important to program up and marque definite you're stocked up.

And with the Pocket-lint squad routinely investigating each mode of gadgets, we thought we'd crook our attraction to the small guys keeping everything powered.

Now, we'd beryllium the archetypal to admit that putting batteries done their paces is simply a small antithetic to accepted gadgets, which is wherefore we've concentrated our efforts connected checking retired the astir fashionable and well-known 23A options.

From here, we asked 2 questions: does it enactment arsenic you would expect, and is it reasonably priced? 

Below are the 5 artillery sets that comfortably answered some of those points - proceed connected to work a spot much astir what you tin expect.

Our Top Pick


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Energizer 23A (Five-Pack)



  • Super show and reliability


  • Not the cheapest

Being a household sanction successful the satellite of batteries whitethorn not mean that much, but, still, it doesn't wounded to prime up your A23 batteries from a sanction you're apt to beryllium acquainted with. 

Things are reasonably modular present - this battalion volition present 12V of powerfulness to your smaller remotes and keyring gadgets, with plentifulness of support beingness for the batteries you're keeping successful reserve.

In our testing, it was the longest-lasting and offered accordant levels betwixt antithetic cells.

23A batteries we besides recommend

Here are 4 different artillery sets you should besides consider:


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Duracell 23A (Two-Pack)



  • Reliable and consistent


  • A interaction much expensive

Like the remainder of Duracell's speciality artillery range, the 23A brace is acold from being the cheapest. However, portion it lacks that aforesaid spot of affordability arsenic others connected this list, it does marque up for this successful its performance.

In use, we recovered it comparable to Energizer's option, and it besides offers up the aforesaid claims of five-year storage. We weren't capable to trial this, naturally, but the long-lasting powerfulness of each compartment bodes well.


 Stock up   connected  these tiny   12V powerhouses photograph  4

Amazon Basics 23A (Four-Pack)



  • Very affordable


  • Slightly inconsistent cells

Like the full Amazon Basics range, things are kept elemental with this four-pack of 23A batteries.

In presumption of the terms per unit, this acceptable is besides 1 of the astir affordable connected this list, making it a earthy prime for those who privation to complaint their smaller devices without breaking the bank.

Performance was solid, too. Nothing mind-blowing, obviously, these are lone batteries, but we volition accidental that you're not sacrificing overmuch successful mode of wide show by deviating distant from the accepted artillery brands. 


 Stock up   connected  these tiny   12V powerhouses photograph  2

LiCB 23A (Five-Pack)



  • Superb worth option


  • Not the longest-lasting option

With this LiCB pack, you'll beryllium stocked up and acceptable to powerfulness each your smaller gadgets, with each artillery offering the imaginable of 100 hours of juice. Like with immoderate battery, though, whether you tin eke retired thing adjacent to this depends connected however you usage them. 

The 12V alkaline cylinders besides person a support beingness of astir 3 years earlier becoming duds, which means you tin support them stashed distant and acceptable for work astatine a aboriginal date.

Gold Peak

 Stock up   connected  these tiny   12V powerhouses photograph  5

Gold Peak 23A (Five-Pack)



  • Easy to banal up


  • Not top-tier performance

Gold Peak's acceptable of 5 is different illustration of however 23A batteries don't person to pain a spread successful your wallet, with this acceptable disposable astatine a precise affordable rate.

The 12V units are capable to powerfulness each your smaller compatible gadgets for astir 100 hours, though, similar with others, it's astir however you usage them.

We found, for example, that these batteries offered precise bully show and lifespan, contempt not being best-in-class.

With plentifulness of support life, though, you tin support a fewer successful the drawer and easy regenerate outgoing units. 

Other products we considered

The Pocket-lint editorial squad spends hours investigating and researching hundreds of products earlier recommending our champion picks for you. We see a scope of factors erstwhile it comes to putting unneurotic our champion guides including physically investigating the products ourselves, user reviews, marque quality, and value. Many of the devices we see don’t marque our last champion guides.

These are the products we considered that yet didn't marque our apical 5:

How to take 23A batteries

As we mentioned up top, there's not really a full batch to see erstwhile buying 23A batteries. Design is mostly irrelevant and specs are astir identical crossed the board, which alternatively puts the accent connected price, worth and reliability successful performance.

Below, we'll reply a fewer cardinal questions that should assistance you take the close batteries for your needs.

Do you request a 23A battery?

While overmuch rarer than AA and AAA counterparts, 23A batteries are inactive reasonably commonplace successful definite appliances and gadgets. However, it tin beryllium hard to cognize what you really need, since they spell by galore antithetic names.

If your instrumentality is compatible with 1 of the pursuing artillery codes, this is simply a motion you request 1 of the 12V alkaline powerfulness sources: 23AE, GP23A, V23GA, LRV08, 8LR932, 8LR23, MN21, L1028 oregon ANSI-1181A.

How tin you spot a 23A battery?

If you person a drawer afloat of different, escaped batteries, you mightiness already person a 23A artillery successful your arsenal. Aside from the codes - which are ever recovered connected the compartment itself - it tin beryllium useful to cognize precisely what 1 looks like. 

A 23 artillery is cylindrical, measures 28.5mm long, 10.3mm successful diameter, weighs astir 8-10 grams and volition travel with a voltage of 12V.

How overmuch should you walk connected 23A batteries?

Batteries are surely an country successful which it's casual to walk - and, successful our experience, terms and show don't ever lucifer up. With that said, immoderate acceptable with a azygous compartment costing £0.80 - £1 / $1 - $1.25 is reasonable. From there, it's simply astir deciding however galore you request successful your set.

How agelong should a azygous 23A artillery last?

As with immoderate battery, deciphering however agelong a azygous portion should past is precise hard - and often depends connected whether the instrumentality you're powering is simply a precocious drain, mean drain oregon debased drain item. What is simply a cardinal happening to look retired for is the batteries' support life, with options typically ranging betwixt 3 and 5 years.

More astir this story

Every merchandise successful our roundup of the champion 23A batteries has been tested by the Pocket-lint team, conscionable arsenic you would usage them successful your day-to-day life.

This way, we were capable to recognize whether it met the standards of the shaper and our ain expectations of however a disposable artillery should perform.

As we've alluded to already, investigating batteries manually tin beryllium precise time-consuming. Since 1 atrocious artillery often isn't typical of the full set, either, it tin beryllium hard to ascertain reliability.

That's wherefore we focused our attraction astir connected the household names and astir fashionable 23A batteries, and stuck to calculating an estimation of each unit's lifespan, investigating voltage with a multimeter and besides utilizing the not-overly-scientific-but-still-useful 'drop' test.

Through this, we discovered immoderate batteries that weren't coagulated capable to urge - either they were excessively costly for the show levels, oregon they included duds successful the set.

Ultimately, then, our picks and recommendations are made up of batteries that worked arsenic we each expect batteries to bash truthful erstwhile we bargain them. Since this is simply a precise shallow country erstwhile it comes to specs and performance, we besides produced mini-reviews to bespeak this.

The Pocket-lint squad is routinely investigating the latest options successful each of our buyer's guide, and we'll beryllium revisiting these picks regularly to found whether oregon not they stay our apical recommendations.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 1 March 2021.

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