Best cordless vacuum cleaners 2021: Tested and rated picks from Dyson, Roborock, Shark and more

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(Pocket-lint) - After investigating and reviewing the champion cordless vacuum cleaners, our Top Pick is the Dyson V11. Other devices we urge are the Roborock H7, SharkAnti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Dyson V15 Absolute Detect and Dyson V8.

Cordless vacuums are antithetic beasts from their cable-toting predecessors, with immoderate of the apical models present making it incredibly casual to assistance support connected apical of particulate and ungraded successful the home.

With galore radical inactive joined to their corded model, though, oregon possibly wary of the pitfalls that this caller and breathtaking frontier of location upkeep holds, the Pocket-lint squad has been hard astatine work. To assistance you take the close path, we've been investigating each the latest and top devices - and, below, connection up immoderate cardinal things to see earlier you marque a last decision.

The acceptable of cordless vacuums featured successful this nonfiction person each been enactment done the rigours of day-to-day life; being asked to cleanable up everything from spills connected a hard level to crumbs and debris recovered successful carpets. All the while, we were capable to complaint their cleaning chops, agelong artillery show and fig retired conscionable however casual each is to wield.

This way, you're capable to fig retired if it's the close instrumentality earlier popping it successful your basket. And fixed that we've been standing vacuums since they archetypal dropped the cord - overseeing everything from the battery-weak archetypal designs close done to the attachment-laden cleaning monsters connected the marketplace contiguous - we're expertly placed to pass your buying decision.

With each that said, it's clip to item our apical recommendations. Below, you'll observe a premix of designs, power, and budgets that should hopefully suit what you're looking for.

Best cordless vacuum cleaner: Our Top Pick


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Dyson V11



  • Improved cleaning show implicit the Dyson V10
  • LCD surface is precise handy
  • Plenty of powerfulness modes


  • Can't complaint and usage concurrently
  • Bin tin beryllium awkward to empty
  • Expensive

Dyson's V11 is the latest and top successful the British company's cordless vacuum range, and it's just to accidental that successful usage it feels similar a spot of a Rolls-Royce.

This is simply a cordless vacuum that feels arsenic almighty arsenic you could want, and we didn't erstwhile acquisition it moving retired of foodstuff during a whole-home sweep.

It's got amended artillery beingness and superior show to the already-tremendous V10, which was besides considered for this list.

If you're aft a solution that tin regenerate your corded vacuum, oregon simply enactment arsenic the eventual upgrade connected your existent cordless vacuum, the V11 is arsenic well-crafted and reliable arsenic we've ever tested.

The lone existent downside is the price, but it's inactive easy our apical prime for the champion cordless vacuum.

Cordless vacuum cleaners we besides recommend

Here are 4 different cordless vacuum cleaners you should besides consider.


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Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner



  • Ingenius brushwood design
  • Flexible instrumentality works a treat
  • Good array of powerfulness modes


  • Still comparatively expensive
  • Lights can't beryllium turned off
  • More svelte models retired there

Shark's vacuum is simply a truly awesome fig and is much affordable than Dyson's premium offerings by a margin. That said, this is inactive a beauteous premium offering. 

It's got superb suction and a truly astute acceptable of brushes that cleverly debar that all-too-familiar tangle of hair. The vacuum besides folds down brilliantly and those folding joints mean it's casual to tally it nether furniture, too. 

Depending connected what you need, you tin opt for versions with a motorised pet-hair attachment and other batteries to get you much runtime.

It's a superb vacuum that we've utilized astir the location often since our archetypal review, and it seldom fails us.


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Dyson V15 Absolute Detect



  • Anti-tangle hairsbreadth screw is brilliant
  • Laser Detect works good successful darker spaces
  • Excellent accessories


  • Extremely costly
  • Laser Detect is semi-gimmicky
  • Better worth successful different Dyson models

If you're looking for the champion out-and-out cleaner connected this list, you've recovered it. 

But there's a large downside - the terms - that holds it backmost from being our apical pick. It does boast a truly chill diagnostic successful its head, with Laser Detect allowing you to spot ungraded connected hard floors, but, for astir people, the V8 oregon V11 is the amended cleaner

In particular, the V11 offers astir of what the V15 does astatine a overmuch much palatable terms point. For those for whom wealth is nary object, though, we can't urge the cleaning capabilities of the V15 enough. 


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Roborock H7



  • Powerful cleaning
  • Magnetic attachments
  • Large ungraded bin


  • No brushed roller brush
  • Dirt bin hard to bare properly
  • Can't override carpet detection feature

Roborock's H7 didn't particularly stroke america distant successful immoderate peculiar area, but it did handily combat disconnected immoderate stiff mid-tier contention to marque it into our apical selections.

As with the company's robot vacuums, the H7 provides a precise implicit bundle and represents coagulated worth for money. That doesn't mean it's cheap, either, but it ever felt similar it was capable to warrant the terms tag.

We'd truly similar to person seen a brushed roller included, and it should beryllium somewhat easier to bare - currently, you person to enactment your manus oregon different instrumentality successful to get the ungraded retired - but the cleaning acquisition much than makes up for these shortcomings. 

For us, the standout elements are the magnetic attachments and the enactment to usage a ungraded bag. It's not thing that features successful overmuch much costly alternatives, and they some truly heighten the wide clean.


Best cordless vacuum cleaners 2020 Dyson, Samsung, Shark and much  representation  7

Dyson V8



  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Capable of whole-home cleans
  • Solid artillery life


  • Still precise expensive
  • Not the biggest bin
  • Takes a portion to charge

Dyson gets an unthinkable 3rd slot successful our apical 5 selections - but, then, the V8 is inactive conscionable an implicit maestro erstwhile it comes to cleaning.

Despite being a mid-level prime and somewhat agelong successful the tooth, it inactive packs a superior wallop erstwhile compared to different cleaners.

Unfortunately, the premium terms of Dyson is inactive there, but this is simply a bully show cheaper than some the V10 and V11 models.

We emotion the iconic Dyson ray gun-like grip connected the V8, and the attachments let it to treble up arsenic a handheld cleaner for antithetic areas of the house.

We besides deliberation that the 40 minutes of clean-time, contempt not being elite-level, is simply a bully amount, and the cleaning show is arsenic bully arsenic you’d expect from the manufacture leader.

Other products we considered

The Pocket-lint editorial squad spends hours investigating and researching a ample fig of products earlier recommending our champion picks for you. We see a scope of factors erstwhile it comes to putting unneurotic our champion guides, including physically investigating the products ourselves, user reviews, marque quality, and value. Many of the devices we see don’t marque our last champion guides.

These are the products we considered that yet didn't marque our apical five, but they whitethorn inactive service a intent successful your home:

How to take a cordless vacuum

In the past fewer years, vacuum cleaners person embraced the battery. The days of dragging a vacuum on the level tethered to the mains whitethorn not rather beryllium over, but cordless is the future. There's a greater consciousness of state arsenic you clean, arsenic good arsenic the quality to get into places you couldn’t if the powerfulness cablegram was holding you back.

Cordless designs bash bring with them their ain acceptable of issues, however, including artillery life, value and size. How bash you take the champion 1 for you? Well, beneath are immoderate cardinal considerations.

What benignant of floors bash you have?

Most of america person a substance of hard floors and carpets, but, if you lone person 1 oregon the other, you whitethorn privation to look for a vacuum that says it’s champion for that benignant of flooring. In astir cases, the vacuum volition travel with aggregate nozzles and brushwood heads truthful that erstwhile you spell from woody level to carpet, you simply swap the head.

Others instrumentality this further and person brushwood heads that recognise the flooring, turning the rotating brushwood caput connected oregon disconnected arsenic the terrain demands.

How large is your home?

The bigger your floors, the much artillery capableness - and discarded bin - you request connected your vacuum cleaner. Smaller cleaners are lighter, which is simply a bully happening but won’t screen arsenic overmuch crushed arsenic a bigger one, which isn’t.

It’s worthy checking however galore quadrate metres the shaper says it tin woody with earlier it needs a recharge. One of the lightest is the Dyson Omni-glide, but, large though it is, it truly won’t suit a larger location (unless you bash it successful aggregate bursts with a agelong intermission successful between) arsenic it's lone designed to tally for a fewer minutes astatine a time.

Often, you'll person to see artillery hours alternatively than level reach.

What should you look for successful artillery life?

Even the champion vacuums person constricted beingness due to the fact that they’re battery-powered, and erstwhile it’s flat, it’ll instrumentality a portion earlier you tin usage it again.

Only a fewer years ago, artillery beingness was 20 minutes oregon less. Things person improved dramatically since then, but you inactive request to beryllium sparing with your usage. Vacuum cleaners that boast a afloat hour’s usage are astir surely referring to the slightest almighty suction mounting and this volition driblet importantly erstwhile you’re connected afloat powerfulness to assistance the toughest bits of dirt.

So, thing longer than astir 40 minutes is solid, but that besides means you inactive person to beryllium sparing with your power.

How astir filtration?

HEPA filters prime up remarkably tiny particles and permission the aerial cleaner. This is particularly important if you person anyone with allergies oregon asthma successful your household. Some filters request to beryllium maintained, usually by rinsing nether the pat astatine infrequent intervals and near to dry.

How galore attachments bash you need?

Some models travel with hoses, curved pipes, full-length wands close-up accessories, crevice tools and more. This means you tin agelong up to cleanable the apical of the curtains arsenic efficaciously arsenic reaching into choky corners oregon nether sideboards oregon beds.

Not everybody needs each of these, truthful you whitethorn privation to prevention wealth by choosing thing simpler.

How casual is it to empty?

Some cleaners usage a speedy in-and-out question to bare the bin, portion others are a small much fiddly. Sure, you’ll get utilized to it, but arsenic it’s guaranteed you’ll bare it beauteous overmuch each clip you usage it, it’s worthy checking retired conscionable however straightforward it is.

You'll besides privation to see the capableness of the bin.

More astir this story

Every merchandise successful this database has been tested successful real-life situations, conscionable arsenic you would usage it successful your day-to-day life.

In the lawsuit of these cordless cleaning gadgets, we selected from a ample fig of devices and tested their capabilities connected hard floors, high-pile and low-pile carpets, rugs, mats and beauteous overmuch each different aboveground successful our home.

By experimenting with plentifulness of antithetic models successful a fig of indoor environments, we were capable to marque notes connected artillery life, comparison cleanup show and get to grips with the scope of attachments offered by astir manufacturers.

With cordless vacuum cleaners representing an country of exertion that's inactive successful its infancy, we've been capable to reappraisal beauteous overmuch each large merchandise that's deed the marketplace - and that makes america a large acceptable to assistance you marque your buying decision.

Cordless cleaners are evolving rapidly, with artillery beingness perpetually creeping higher, cleaning show improving and decibel levels reducing. And pursuing an archetypal teething phase, we've besides witnessed immoderate much-improved designs that, with the assistance of an service of attachments, are present adjacent much adept astatine helping you support your location tidy.

When it comes to reviewing and investigating these cordless cleaners, though, we aren’t funny successful super-detailed centrifugal specs and different cleaning jargon - we conscionable privation to supply an casual to recognize reappraisal that gives you an thought of what it's going to beryllium similar to use.

Don’t deliberation for a 2nd that the products aren't tested afloat due to the fact that the reviews are concise, either. We’ve been covering tech since 2003, and, arsenic already alluded to, person been capable to reappraisal aggregate generations of the aforesaid merchandise line. In fact, we were investigating vacuums agelong earlier cordless designs were adjacent a reality.

As with each our buyer's guides, determination was besides plentifulness of models we considered that didn't marque the cut.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 6 December 2018.

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