Best dieting apps 2021: 8 apps to help you lose weight at home

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(Pocket-lint) - There's nary casual clip to suffer value - whenever you commencement out, the going is apt to beryllium tough. Thankfully, determination are a plethora of apps retired determination present which tin assistance dieters with value nonaccomplishment by guiding and encouraging them toward healthier patterns of behaviour. 

Whether you're looking to shed immoderate wintertime weight, get acceptable for warmer weather, oregon you are conscionable connected a ngo to devour better this year, past present are a fewer of the champion dieting apps to assistance you.


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MyFitnessPal is simply a escaped calorie counting app that features a nutrient database of millions of foods. When you archetypal acceptable it up, you'll request to participate immoderate accusation astir yourself including your day of birth, value and height, arsenic good arsenic your extremity value and however overmuch you privation to suffer each week.

The app past creates a customized program for you, providing you with a calorie extremity to enactment towards, which appears connected the apical of the diary leafage wherever you adhd your food, workout and h2o intake. As you add, you'll spot the nutrient calories being deducted and the workout calories added truthful it's casual to support track.

MyFitnessPal is large for those who don't privation to wage the monthly fees that services similar Weight Watchers and Slimming World charge, but it is besides utile for those connected diets specified arsenic the 5:2 wherever calorie counting is essential. One of the champion things astir MyFitnessPal is that it links to a assortment of fittingness platforms similar Withings and Fitbit, allowing you to support way of your workout and nutrient successful 1 spot and determination is simply a Premium offering excessively for those that privation to number macros.


Best Dieting Apps 2020 8 Apps To Help You Lose Weight representation  1

WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers has been astir for a agelong clip and alternatively than straight-up calorie counting, it uses a constituent strategy called SmartPoints to assistance you suffer weight. The app is escaped but it's worthy knowing you'll request a subscription to usage it fully.

Once subscribed, you tin way your food, enactment and value done the app oregon the website and determination is simply a 24/7 chat relation to get enactment from a WW manager if you request it. We haven't tried that diagnostic but we fishy they seldom archer you to devour a Mars bar.

If you're retired for meal and privation to spot what the champion things to devour connected the paper are, determination are thousands of restaurants and meals successful the database from Zizzis to Wagamama and you'll besides get entree to recipes if you're cooking astatine home. WW volition besides sync with your Fitbit to present enactment tracking too.


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Like WW, the Noom app requires a subscription to usage afloat but it offers a 14 time proceedings play for conscionable £1 - truthful it's bully and inexpensive if you privation to springiness it a effort and spot however it works.

Noom takes a antithetic attack to astir dieting apps and uses cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to effort to alteration the mode you deliberation astir food. This includes things similar teaching you to recognise triggers that tin pb to atrocious nutrient choices specified arsenic accent and tiredness.

Noom offers entree to a idiosyncratic manager and a assemblage of chap dieters erstwhile you request assistance. There's a My Fitness Pal benignant calorie tracker built-in and Noom employs a postulation airy strategy to easy spot which foods are healthier choices than others.


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The Complete 5:2 Diet

  • Download for iOS

The 5:2 fare suggests that you devour what you similar for 5 days of the week, up to 2000 calories for women and 2500 for men, portion for the different 2 days, women devour conscionable 500 and men devour 600.

There are plentifulness of apps that subordinate to this peculiar fare but the Complete 5:2 Diet app brings you a four-week look and workout program that volition way your calorie intake and workouts.

It features implicit 140 recipes to try, with a prime of six repast plans for the fasting days and the workout plans nexus to workout videos to marque definite you are doing things right. Complete 5:2 Diet also has calorie counter, BMI, BMR and people calorie calculators, but it won't let you to adhd your ain workout regular in.

Diet Point

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Diet Point - Weight Loss

Diet Point - Weight Loss has implicit 130 fare plans to instrumentality the guesswork retired of losing weight. There are dedicated buying lists for each program similar Diet Assistant, but this app besides reminds you erstwhile it's clip to devour your adjacent meal.

The app sports much than 500 tips to amended your value nonaccomplishment program and it volition besides supply you with a value nonaccomplishment estimation for each program truthful you'll beryllium capable to prime 1 that suits your goal.

A BMI calculator is included truthful you tin cheque however steadfast your value is successful narration to your tallness and determination is simply a value tracker and show connected committee too.

My Diet Coach

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My Diet Coach

  • Download for iOS

My Diet Coach offers 4 main features successful the escaped mentation comprising reminders, motivational photos, perseverance tips and a fare diary, on with 3 other features successful the pro mentation including a nutrient craving panic button, a value illustration and a points system.

The fare diary, calorie antagonistic and BMI calculator are much modular features but the My Diet Coach app stands retired is for its motivational arguments and guidelines, on with the quality to customise the avatar to look akin to yourself.

You tin acceptable reminders truthful you retrieve to portion h2o and hole vegetables for example, but you tin besides interaction a fastener with the situation you are facing and the app volition greet you with applicable motivational tips and inspiring pictures.


Best Dieting Apps 2020 8 Apps To Help You Lose Weight representation  1

FoodPrint for CGM by Nutrino

  • Download for iOS

The FoodPrint for CGM by Nutrino app claims to reply the eventual question of what should you devour and alternatively than conscionable tracking your food, it volition reply it based connected your aesculapian profile, goals and culinary preferences.

You tin get this app to program your adjacent repast oregon you tin instrumentality thing disconnected the paper and Nutrino volition log it and instrumentality it into consideration.

There is simply a wellness manager connected committee to support you connected way and you tin besides support up to day with the latest nutritional probe done this app. Nutrino volition besides adhd repast summaries to the Apple Health App, arsenic good arsenic sync your weight.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 29 December 2014.

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