Best mesh Wi-Fi systems 2021: Extend your range and boost your speeds with these tried and tested picks

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(Pocket-lint) - Our existent Top Pick is the Google Nest Wifi. However, we besides urge options offered by Eero, the Devolo Mesh WiFi 2 system, the Netgear Orbi RBK13 and the BT Whole Home Mini.

There's thing similar a Wi-Fi dropout to deed you disconnected your stride. Whether you're midway done a marathon connected Netflix, oregon you enactment from location and can't spend to suffer connectivity with your office, there's nary bully clip for your web to person a wobble. 

We've looked astatine routers that you mightiness beryllium capable to regenerate your bog-standard 1 with elsewhere, arsenic a mode of getting immoderate other scope and stability, but, if you're superior astir making a location web that tin grow to screen large areas, and doesn't hazard flakey connections depending connected wherever you stand, you'll astir apt privation to put successful a mesh Wi-Fi system. 

These systems efficaciously widen and fortify your location Wi-Fi network, to marque definite that it tin scope adjacent your astir distant corners and supply adjacent sum passim your home. Better yet, they're nary longer the sphere of IT experts and techies. There are present countless mesh Wi-Fi systems connected the marketplace that connection astir plug-and-play simplicity truthful that you tin reap their benefits without needing a grade successful electronics. 

With that successful mind, we've rounded up the champion of the champion to make a database of options for you to explore, and take betwixt if you're reasoning of going down the mesh Wi-Fi route. We've tested these models cautiously with easiness of use, affordability, scope and velocity each successful mind, to guarantee they merit a spot connected our list.

Our Top Pick


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Google Nest Wifi



  • Great speeds
  • Easy setup and controls
  • Google Assistant works similar a dream


  • Cheaper alternatives retired there
  • Configuration options are slim
  • Speaker isn't that loud

It took Google a mates of iterations to cleanable its mesh offering, but Nest Wifi is thing special. It's supremely casual to acceptable up, and wrong a fewer taps connected your phone, you'll person a strengthened web that tin beryllium extended astatine volition with extenders that besides battalion astute talker capabilities and Google Assistant. 

The system's plan is ace cleanable and anonymous, letting them blend into the inheritance successful your location and supply soundless benefits, and ace parental controls marque it cleanable for parents.

It's not the implicit cheapest connected the marketplace by immoderate means, but it's inactive reasonably priced, and due to the fact that it's Google you tin trust connected coagulated bundle enactment for years to come. Sometimes the biggest names cognize what they're doing, and Google has deed a location tally here.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems we besides recommend

Below, we'll item the 4 different mesh Wi-Fi systems we urge looking into.


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Netgear Orbi AC1200 (RBK13)



  • Brilliant velocity potential
  • Nice plan aesthetic
  • Easy setup


  • No ethernet options
  • Parental controls outgo extra
  • No QoS settings

Netgear is 1 of the premier names successful networking afloat halt and its mesh networking sub-brand - Orbi - beauteous overmuch guarantees a premium product.

Here we've got a 1.2Gbps dual-band strategy consisting of a basal and 2 satellites that you tin easy adhd to. It helps that the boxes are besides small. When investigating it retired we had 1 connected apical of a sideboard successful the surviving country and it doesn't look retired of place. 

The app setup is truly casual and enables you to negociate entree and you tin easy make impermanent networks and use a azygous SSID to your full network. 

The lone existent antagonistic is that the satellites don't person Ethernet ports, truthful if you privation to link up devices similar a TV that doesn't person Wi-Fi oregon an older games console, you'll request to look astatine a somewhat antithetic solution. 


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Devolo Mesh Wi-Fi 2



  • Impressively versatile
  • Great speeds and range
  • Ethernet for wired connections


  • Pretty ugly
  • Not Wi-Fi 6
  • App is simply a chore

The Mesh Wi-Fi 2 is simply a flimsy upgrade connected the modular Devolo Magic 2 successful that each 3 units present are identical - each 3 are mesh units this clip around, pushing Gigabit Wi-Fi astir your full home. 

The tri-band 2,400Mbps 802.11ac mesh strategy works successful tandem with a Powerline web arsenic the backbone - a quality betwixt Devolo mesh products and that of the different competitors here. Each adapter features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports for maximum flexibility. 


The champion  mesh networking cogwheel  for 2020 Strengthen your Wi-Fi astatine  location  photograph  18

Amazon Eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system



  • Nice design
  • Superb worth for Wi-Fi 6
  • Works large with Alexa


  • Not the quickest option
  • Can't divided Wi-Fi frequencies
  • Singular ethernet port

A superbly-priced enactment from the Amazon-owned brand, this is simply a newer mentation of Eero's strategy that's incredibly casual to acceptable up, conscionable similar our apical pick.

It's not arsenic speedy arsenic galore different options - supporting speeds up to 500 Mbps - but its 460 quadrate metre sum remains impressive. 

You tin besides power Zigbee-compliant astute devices utilizing these units, and power them with Alexa if you person a abstracted Echo device. 


The champion  mesh networking cogwheel  for 2020 Strengthen your Wi-Fi astatine  location  photograph  10

BT Whole Home Mini



  • Extremely affordable
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to acceptable up and place


  • Not utile for each territories
  • Relatively dilatory speeds
  • Not feature-rich

While the modular Whole Home setup features 2600Mbps maximum throughput speeds, this lower-priced solution takes the velocity down to 1,200Mbps.

This is inactive large if you're not going to beryllium streaming respective precocious bandwidth things similar console games services oregon 4K Ultra HD video astatine the aforesaid clip successful summation to connecting tens and tens of devices.

With mesh systems, sum is truly the sanction of the crippled and you tin inactive screen astir arsenic sizeable a location with the Mini discs arsenic with the full-size discs.

These Mini discs travel successful dual oregon triple packs - the triple battalion is our prime and each the discs person Ethernet for connecting wired devices to your network. 

Other products we considered

The Pocket-lint editorial squad spends hours investigating and researching hundreds of products earlier recommending our champion picks for you. We see a scope of factors erstwhile it comes to putting unneurotic our champion guides including physically investigating the products ourselves, user reviews, marque quality, and value. Many of the devices we see don’t marque our last champion guides.

These are the products we considered that yet didn't marque our apical 5:

How to take a mesh Wi-Fi system

There are plentifulness of reasons wherefore you mightiness beryllium looking to adhd a mesh strategy to your location network, but, careless of what they are, determination are immoderate cardinal areas that you'll privation to deliberation astir earlier you perpetrate to an option, adjacent if it's 1 of those we've rated.

Why should you get a mesh system?

The biggest crushed you're apt to privation a mesh strategy is awesome dropouts - if you person spots successful your location wherever your router's awesome either doesn't scope astatine each oregon is flaky capable that the speeds you get are nary good, that's a look that calls for a mesh strategy to springiness you implicit coverage. Mesh systems besides marque it imaginable successful galore cases to power what devices tin link to your Wi-Fi, truthful they tin beryllium large for parenting, too.

How important is speed?

A large question erstwhile judging antithetic mesh systems is astir velocity - however accelerated is your basal connection, and however overmuch of that velocity bash you request to beryllium translated done to the furthest reaches of your home? If you're connected gigabit internet, that'll restrict your choices, but if you're blessed to judge thing similar 500MB/s, which is beauteous bully successful our opinion, you'll person much options.

What scope bash you request from your mesh system?

The different large question to our minds is however acold you privation to widen your network. There are 2 ways this tin alteration your choices - firstly by impacting connected which models you spell for according to however acold they tin screen per satellite, but besides however galore satellites you opt for successful the archetypal place. The champion options deed the saccharine spot of large sum areas without requiring loads of antithetic outer points.

Do you request ethernet ports?

Finally, a smaller question for you comes successful the signifier of bully aged wired internet. If you privation to beryllium capable to hook thing similar a console oregon gaming PC up to ethernet from your outer points, you'd amended beryllium cautious to cheque whether it's possible, arsenic immoderate of the options retired determination don't person this capability.

More astir this story

Testing mesh systems involves the evident substance of mounting them up and utilizing them for a bully chunk of clip successful bid to get a consciousness for however casual they are to get running, however reliably they enactment and whether they unrecorded up to their manufacturers' claims.

That's what we've done with these models, and that's however we've travel to the ranking you find above, taking into relationship each those factors arsenic good arsenic their earthy statistic and, of course, pricing, to determine what bid they beryllium in.

The squad astatine Pocket-lint has been utilizing mesh systems since the constituent erstwhile they were an incredibly niche enactment for high-speed enthusiasts, truthful you tin beryllium assured that we've enactment everything done its paces successful a rigorous mode earlier adjacent starting to see wherever it should spell connected this list.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 13 January 2020.

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