Biden Does More For Veterans In A Day Than Trump Did In 4 Years

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President Biden signed authorities to look astatine disparities successful VA disablement ratings and benefits, get aesculapian subject unit jobs astatine national facilities, beforehand tuition fairness for subject household survivors and supply moms who service with a wide scope of programs and benefits.

Video clip of President Biden:

President Biden signs 3 bills to assistance the troops and veterans astatine the White House.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 30, 2021

President Biden said successful part:

In a moment, I’m going to person the grant of signing into instrumentality 4 bills that the women and men successful this country had — person written and gotten passed — bipartisan bills to grant 1 genuinely ineffable work we person arsenic a nation.  We person galore obligations, but we lone person 1 genuinely ineffable obligation, successful my view, and that is hole those we nonstop into harm’s way, attraction for their families erstwhile they’re gone, and attraction for them and their families erstwhile they’re home. 
And that’s a — that’s a beingness committedness — a beingness committedness the federation owes to each 1 of our veterans, and it’s 1 that I clasp arsenic Commander-in-Chief.  For me, for Jill, and for the full Biden family, it’s besides personal.  And it’s a committedness that we are helping to support contiguous due to the fact that of the enactment of the women and men successful this room.

Trump spent 4 years insulting veterans, trying to privatize the VA, and attempting to instrumentality distant their benefits. Trump besides took recognition for Veterans’ Choice, which Obama signed successful 2014.

America present has a president who understands veterans’ sacrifices, and helium wants to marque definite that the federation lives up to its ineffable committedness to them.

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