Bipartisan Police Reform Is Dead Because Republicans Insisted On Protecting Bad Cops

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) rejected the Democrats’ last connection connected constabulary betterment due to the fact that Republicans wouldn’t alteration immunity for cops.

Bipartisan Police Reform Is Dead

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) said Wednesday that helium called Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) to archer him the Democrats were done negotiating aft Mr. Scott didn’t judge their last offer. Mr. Scott’s bureau didn’t instantly comment.


As talks progressed, however, the lawmakers were incapable to resoluteness differences implicit however constabulary officers should beryllium prosecuted and held liable, including whether to alteration oregon destruct a ineligible doctrine known arsenic qualified immunity that shields officers from lawsuits. Democrats favored much sweeping changes, portion Republicans sought much incremental moves.

Democrats Wanted Real Police Reform. Republicans Wanted To Pretend.

The information that Republicans would not prosecute successful a superior speech to amended assemblage policing, and clasp officers who interruption the instrumentality alternatively of upholding it accountable shows their implicit deficiency of seriousness and interest astir radical who are being killed successful constabulary shootings successful the United States connected a regular basis.

Good constabulary officers privation the atrocious ones held accountable. Communities privation to beryllium capable to judge that the constabulary are determination to support them harmless and not to termination them.

The occupation remains, arsenic it has been for years now, that Republicans person nary involvement successful implementing reforms that the immense bulk of Americans support.

On constabulary reform, Democrats were wasting their clip reasoning that Republicans would ever earnestly travel to the array to scope a deal.

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