Bryson DeChambeau 'wrecked' his hands ahead of Ryder Cup preparing for long drive contest

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(CNN)It's astir apt not the quality that US golf fans wanted to perceive conscionable implicit a week earlier the commencement of the Ryder Cup.

2020 US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau says helium has "wrecked" his hands preparing for a agelong thrust contest.

The satellite No. 7 volition diagnostic successful the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship successful Mesquite, Nevada, from September 27 to October 1, becoming the archetypal PGA Tour nonrecreational to bash so.

    DeChambeau looks connected  from the 17th tee during the last  circular  of the BMW Championship.

    However, earlier then, helium volition beryllium making his 2nd quality for Team USA astatine the Ryder Cup astatine Whistling Straits, Wisconsin, from September 24-26.

      But successful spending hours connected the driving range, the 27-year-old admits that helium has damaged his hands.

      "People don't recognize however hard agelong thrust truly is. In golf, it's the 1 happening wherever you tin justice your accomplishments by a number," helium told

      "Not needfully by going retired and playing play due to the fact that you tin drawback a sprinkler caput oregon drawback a atrocious interruption oregon atrocious wind. On Flightscope, you tin spot the shot velocity number. And erstwhile you get a shot velocity number, it's truthful antithetic and unique.

      "It's similar a shot-putter shot-putting a caller grounds number. You're trying to find that afloat imaginable to interruption through."

      Over the enforced interruption play went done successful 2020 due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic, DeChambeau added approximately 40 pounds of musculus which has transformed him into 1 of the biggest drivers connected the PGA Tour.

      So acold this season, arsenic a effect of the other musculus and his absorption connected improving his nine speed, DeChambeau is averaging 323.7 yards disconnected the tee, astir 4 yards much than Rory McIlroy successful second.

      Although his region grooming has intelligibly impacted his body, juggling it and his mentation for the Ryder Cup isn't an antithetic experience.

      DeChambeau hits from a driblet  connected  the 15th spread   during the archetypal  circular  of the Tour Championship.

        "I bash it each week," helium says. "Is it daunting? Hell yeah.

        "At first, erstwhile I was trying to bash it past year, it was precise scary. But present that I've been done it and experienced the worst pains from it and the astir relaxed authorities of it wherever I'm not doing immoderate velocity training, I cognize however to benignant of equilibrium it -- for the astir part. Why not spell hard astatine beingness and bash both?"

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