Bungie Head Of HR Steps Down Following Report Of Toxic Workplace Culture At The Studio

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IGN published a caller report past Friday detailing a toxic enactment civilization astatine Bungie, including sexism, crunch, and an HR section that protects abusers, amongst different problems specified arsenic stories of repeated microaggressions, inequality, and more. IGN spoke to 26 existent and erstwhile employees of Bungie to make this study and, conscionable nether a week aft its publishing, Bungie’s caput of HR, Gayle d’Hondt, has stepped down. 

d’Hondt announced this to Bungie employees by email yesterday, and IGN saw said email successful full. The erstwhile caput of HR said she wants to bash “everything successful my powerfulness to marque definite everyone who works present has a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment.” In doing so, d’Hondt said she feels Bungie’s leadership squad needs to determination guardant with radical new, oregon rather, radical that haven’t reportedly enabled the toxic workplace civilization elaborate successful IGN’s report. 

“I cognize that they request to beryllium trusted to beryllium your advocates – not labeled arsenic ‘enablers’ oregon seen arsenic institution resources who supply atrocious actors with harmless harbor,” d’Hondt wrote successful the email. 

IGN reports that d’Hondt is stepping down from her relation arsenic caput of HR, but the email does not clarify whether oregon not she volition proceed to enactment astatine Bungie successful immoderate capacity. However, d’Hondt said she’ll enactment with the enactment squad astatine Bungie to find the adjacent due steps. d’Hondt besides details maltreatment astatine Bungie that she experienced. She said it was “a man, an executive, and idiosyncratic I thought was my person astatine Bungie,” and that it resulted successful that person’s termination. 

“I americium arrogant of the enactment I did astatine this company,” d’Hondt’s email concludes, according to IGN. “I judge I made recommendations that were successful the champion involvement of our radical and successful work of the institution we privation to become. I besides judge we made immoderate mistakes, and that to go the amended mentation of ourselves – the institution I cognize we tin beryllium – we person to admit and face them, successful bully faith, and turn together.” 

Check retired IGN’s archetypal report detailing Bungie’s past of toxic workplace civilization for further information. 

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