'Clickbait' pulls you into a deep web and more to watch

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(CNN)Just erstwhile I thought I was done being obsessed with streaming, they pulled maine backmost in!

Between rainy weather, scorching temps and wanting to enactment harmless from the Delta variant, I'm successful this location wherever I americium determined to declutter, larn a 2nd connection and repast prep.


      As I beryllium successful beforehand of this TV doing everything but what I acceptable retired to do, here's immoderate of what's retired there.

      Three things to watch


      (From left) Betty Gabriel arsenic  Sophie Brewer and Adrian Grenier arsenic  Nick Brewer prima  successful  "Clickbait."

      Victim oregon villain?

      That's the question successful this caller Netflix constricted series, which is precise overmuch for you if you are into suspenseful mysteries.

      Adrian Grenier stars arsenic household antheral Nick Brewer, whose woman (Betty Gabriel) and sister (Zoe Kazan) are warring to bring him location aft he's kidnapped and begins appearing successful videos online -- adjacent arsenic it appears he whitethorn not beryllium the antheral they thought. It benignant of gives caller meaning to the word "dark web."

      "Clickbait" is presently streaming connected Netflix.


      Yahya Abdul-Mateen II stars arsenic  Anthony McCoy successful  "Candyman."

      No 1 does horror rather similar Jordan Peele, and helium cowrote the publication for this one.

      A sequel to the archetypal 1992 movie of the aforesaid name, it takes america backmost to Chicago's Cabrini-Green neighborhood, which is present gentrified, but still premier sidesplitting crushed for the slasher boogeyman known arsenic "Candyman."

      This movie got pushed backmost due to the fact that of the pandemic. If you are chill to spell to the theater, it's retired Friday.

      'Pen15' animated episode

      Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine dependable   the characters Izzy (left) and Misha (right) successful  Hulu's animated occurrence  of "Pen15."

      If you aren't watching Hulu's "Pen15," you request to be.

      The bid is billed arsenic "middle schoolhouse arsenic it truly happened successful the twelvemonth 2000," and actors Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine play versions of themselves arsenic 13-year-old outcasts, surrounded by existent teens.

      It's benignant of genius.

      A peculiar animated occurrence that those successful the cognize person been waiting connected comes retired Friday, truthful cheque it out.

      Two things to perceive to

      Kat Von D attends the Mercy for Animals 20th Anniversary Gala successful  LA, September 14, 2019.

      You whitethorn cognize her from her tats, her erstwhile constitution enactment oregon being connected world TV, but Kat Von D is simply a euphony creator arsenic well.

      Her debut medium is titled "Love Made Me Do It," and, according to Von D, she's not caller to euphony conscionable due to the fact that she's caller to the industry.

      "I've been playing euphony longer than I've been tattooing," she told Billboard. "I was classically trained astatine the soft from the property of 5, and inactive play the soft each day."

      The medium drops Friday.

      Halsey attends the 71st Emmy Awards successful  LA, September 22, 2019.

      New ma Halsey has a caller task arsenic well.

      Her 4th workplace album, titled "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power," comes retired Friday -- lone six weeks oregon truthful aft Halsey gave commencement to her archetypal child with her partner, screenwriter Alev Aydin.

      When asked connected Twitter if her latest was "always expected to beryllium a conception album," the vocalist responded, "Weirdly capable it was ever expected to beryllium astir mortality and everlasting emotion and our spot / permanence."

      "It was conscionable amplified by maine being pregnant," she tweeted. "Introduced caller themes of power and assemblage fearfulness and autonomy and conceit."

      One happening to speech about

      (From left) Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay had immoderate   amusive  with their followers.

      Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay cognize what we want.

      That's wherefore they emotion to tease those of america who volition everlastingly privation that their "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" characters Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson would commencement up a romance.

      A follower precocious tweeted, "Can y'all ideate if 1 time @Chris_Meloni and @Mariska posts a representation similar this pretending they are kissing with the caption #Rehearsing It would beryllium the extremity of america and the extremity of the internet" -- and the duo seemingly couldn't defy fueling our hopes.

      Meloni responded with conscionable specified an representation showing him and Hargitay truthful adjacent unneurotic that their noses were touching, appearing astir to smooch, captioned "#rehearsing what @Mariska?"

      Hargitay retweeted Meloni's tweet, writing "Are you blushing?it's getting blistery successful here🔥@Chris_Meloni."

      Whew! Yes, it is!

      Something to sip on

      Nicole Ari Parker  attends the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection 2019 successful  New York City, February 7, 2019.

      The quality that Nicole Ari Parker whitethorn beryllium the 1 replacing Kim Cattrall successful the awesome foursome of the "Sex and the City" reboot is thing I tin embrace.

      "And Just Like That..." is HBO's revival of the series, and similar respective different shows that were highly fashionable successful the '90s, the archetypal has been criticized for its deficiency of diversity.

      I ne'er understood however shows similar "SATC," "Friends" and "Seinfeld" could beryllium set successful New York City and not diagnostic galore actors of color.

        It doesn't look that "And Just Like That..." volition person that contented fixed that, successful summation to Parker, the caller formed besides features Sara Ramírez (starring arsenic a nonbinary, queer character), Sarita Choudhury and others.

        I rise my cosmo to specified inclusion.

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