Conan O'Brien's tweet prompts FDA to discourage #MilkCrateChallenge

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(CNN)The latest net "challenge" involves beverage crates and superior pain.

In "The Milk Crate Challenge," started precocious connected TikTok, idiosyncratic gathers a clump of beverage crates and stacks them arsenic precocious arsenic they can, past attempts to measurement up 1 broadside and down the different without the crates faltering underneath them.

Many radical don't win and fail successful cringe-inducing ways, tumbling to the crushed and knocking beverage crates implicit connected the way, injuring their bodies in the process.

    Now, acknowledgment to Conan O'Brien, the US Food and Drug Administration has weighed in.

      O'Brien tweeted astir the situation connected Monday, quipping that helium volition not bash it until the FDA approves it.

      "Waiting for FDA support earlier I instrumentality the Milk Crate Challenge," helium joked, playing disconnected of this week's FDA support of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

      The authoritative relationship for the FDA replied to O'Brien, penning that they "can't recommend" the challenge, and also, delight deliberation astir returning each those crates to the market store.

      "Although we modulate milk, we can't urge you effort that. Perhaps bask a bully solid of 2% and instrumentality each those crates to the market store?" the tweet read.

        Despite the discouragement, radical are inactive attempting the unsafe situation and getting hurt, sparking 1 Virginia orthopedic surgeon to pass against the stunt astatine a clip erstwhile exigency rooms and aesculapian unit are overwhelmed with Covid patients.

        Like the "Tide Pod Challenge" of 2018 that resulted successful calls to poison power centers and laundry pods removed from shelves, the evidently risky "The Milk Crate Challenge" volition besides travel to an extremity -- and hopefully earlier anyone other is wounded.

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