Crypto exchange FTX buys slot to advertise during the Super Bowl

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Sam Bankman-Fried’s speech institution FTX is 1 of the companies that volition person an advertisement featured successful the February 2022 Super Bowl. The institution is reported to person bought an advertisement slot for the lawsuit that volition beryllium held astatine the SoFi Stadium successful California. The specifics of the deal, including the sum utilized to implicit the deal, stay undisclosed. However, based connected past figures and NBC’S current advertisement rate, the woody is estimated to person outgo much than $5.5 million.

 “We’re inviting everyone to cheque it out, and present to assistance them connected their journey. There is nary bigger, much mainstream lawsuit to stock a connection similar that than the Super Bowl. Our connection passim this twelvemonth has been that crypto is safe, accessible, and acceptable for the mainstream,” helium said.

In his opinion, Bankman-Fried believes crypto advertisements related to sports are overmuch much apt to beryllium successful.

“Sports fans are 2x much apt to cognize astir crypto than non-sports fans. Avid sports fans are astir 3x arsenic likely.”

Formed arsenic a merger betwixt  the American Football League and the National Football League, the Super Bowl has been the astir hyped crippled of the NFL season. It is the highest watched sporting lawsuit successful the past of American sports and is lone rivalled by the UEFA Champions League last crossed each sports. Commercial airtime (advertisements slots) during the lawsuit costs a batch due to the fact that of the precocious fig of viewers it pulls.

The Super Bowl LV variation attracted astir 96.4 cardinal viewers – the lowest ever viewership fig successful the Super Bowl past since 2007. This was besides the 2nd clip successful 3 seasons the lawsuit failed to bid 100 cardinal viewers. Notwithstanding the average outgo of a 30-second TV advertisement during the crippled has been supra $5 cardinal since 2016’s Super Bowl L. Over the past 2 editions of the game, the outgo for TV advertisements was $5.6 million.

FTX has antecedently worked with the Tampa Bay Bucs backmost and NFL fable Tom Brady – who recently acquired a insignificant stake successful the exchange. Outside American Football, FTX has besides made investments successful different sports. In September, the company announced a partnership with Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry to service arsenic an FTX ambassador. It besides bought the exclusive naming rights of the American Airlines Arena, which was rebranded to FTX Arena.

Yesterday, the exchange welcomed the erstwhile Boston Red Sox shot subordinate David Ortiz arsenic a crypto ambassador. FTX is besides the exchange of Major League Baseball pursuing a collaboration revealed successful June. FTX isn’t the lone cryptocurrency speech to task into the sports world. Coinbase precocious signed a woody with the NBA – becoming the league’s authoritative crypto partner.

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