DNF Duel Fights For A Summer Release

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In the midst of its initial unfastened beta, DNF Duel received different trailer, showing disconnected its eleventh confirmed character and announcing its intended merchandise model of summertime 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

Ghostblade volition beryllium joining the formed erstwhile the crippled releases adjacent year, making him the 2nd antheral Slayer people from Dungeon Fighter Online to beryllium included. He wields a katana for a weapon, but much importantly, he has a spooky shade surviving successful his arm, making the appendage glow with a spectral bluish hue. The trailer shows disconnected Ghostblade's intro cinematic and a tease of what his Awakening onslaught tin do. Here's a hint: a shade and a leaf are involved, and it looks fantastic.

Eagle-eyed fans who watched the trailer's debut during yesterday's DNF Winter Fest have spotted a mates of caller roster members successful the caller footage, which didn't marque it to the authoritative trailer release. One changeable revealed Ghostblade attacking the unannounced Mechanic, portion different has radical reasoning they saw the Troubleshooter Agent variant, though that 1 is much speculative. Either way, I'm excited to spot however some of them play if they are added, considering however varied and amusive the remainder of the formed is. 

While the trailer supra doesn't person that footage attached, you tin cheque retired the images implicit connected Event Hubs' story. But watch the video anyway to spot immoderate chill characters doing neat moves and get hyped for whenever we'll beryllium capable to get our hands connected DNF Duel again. 

Did you get a accidental to effort retired DNF Duel this weekend? What did you deliberation of the crippled truthful far? Which different Dungeon Fighter Online classes would you similar to spot travel to Duel? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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