Effective Video Press Release Distribution: 7 Simple Steps

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How to Distribute Video Press Releases Effectively: 7 Easy Steps


Social media is a powerful tool for musicians and artists. It can help them connect with their fans, promote their music, and even build new connections in the industry. But how do you use this platform to get your news out? In this post we'll explore seven different ways of writing a social media music video press release that are sure to get your message out there!

1. What's newsworthy?

The first step in creating a social media news release is to determine what is newsworthy. This can be difficult because you have to decide how old your story is, how many people will read it, and whether or not you want your article shared on social media.

  • Newsworthy stories are often about events that affect large numbers of people like natural disasters or political scandals. They may also include personal stories about celebrities or athletes who have been involved in these kinds of events (such as when Bruce Jenner revealed himself as Caitlyn Jenner).

  • The best way to find good sources for potential articles is by searching for keywords related to the subject matter as well as using Google News Alerts so that you're notified when new articles appear online with similar themes or keywords from which they were written.*

2. Use social media platforms to spread the word.

The second way to use social media to spread the word about your news release is by posting it on your social media channels. If you’re using a paid platform like Facebook or Instagram, this is an easy way to gain more exposure for both yourself and your brand. You can also post directly on Twitter and LinkedIn—just make sure that you do so in a timely manner.

Another great idea is posting on relevant forums and groups related to what you are discussing in the release (for example: “How To Be A Successful Business Owner”). This will allow people who are interested in hearing more about what it takes for someone like them (or maybe themselves) to become successful entrepreneurs stand out from those who aren't interested at all!

Finally, if there isn't already enough conversation going around on any given topic; try posting something just because! This could even include things like videos where people talk about why they love working from home instead of going into an office every day."

3. Use a “hook” in your headline and write in the inverted pyramid style.

A hook is a phrase or sentence that gets your reader interested in reading more. It can be as simple as “Did you know?” or “How does this work?”

The inverted pyramid style is an effective way to write headlines and subheadlines because it helps you pack more into less space, which makes for an easy-to-read social media press release for music video. In this style, the first line of each paragraph will serve as a summary statement (called an “anchor point”). Then come two lines describing what happened before the news release was released (called “elevator pitches). Finally comes one line summarizing what happened afterward (called "reaction statements").

4. Target your message to the right audience, who are your fans.

  • Target your message to the right audience, who are your fans.

This is a huge one! If you're not targeting the right people with your news release, then it won't work out well for either party. To get started, try looking at social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where people post about things they care about or interesting articles that caught their eye recently. Try searching through these posts and seeing if there's anyone who seems relevant or interested in what you have to say (and maybe even get some recommendations from them). Once you've identified who these people might be, send out an email asking if they'd be willing to read through an article on something similar (and maybe even share it with their friends).

5. Optimize for search engines and include links to your social media channels.

  • Optimize for search engines and include links to your social media channels.

This is the most important part of making a news release work. You want to make sure that when people search for your name, they find you in the top results. And if they click on one of those links, you want them to be taken directly to your website or blog for more information about what it is that makes you so awesome!

The first thing we recommend doing is adding keywords (or phrases) into both the headline and body of each release. These words should be related specifically enough so as not too overdo it but also broad enough so as not underdo it either; otherwise, no one will notice any difference between yours and everyone else's releases! We recommend including three-to-five keywords per sentence—but don't worry if some sentences don't have anything specific going on inside: just add another keyword somewhere else down there instead!

6. Keep it short, but make sure you cover all of your bases.

You want your video news release techniques to be as short and sweet as possible. Keep in mind that people are on the go, so they don't have time to wade through a lengthy article. They want to know what's happening quickly—and when the news is important enough for them to read, it should be easy for them to digest and understand.

In order for this goal of keeping things simple and concisely written without sacrificing quality or accuracy, there are two main things you can do:

  • Include quotes from experts who can give your release credibility (i.e., an expert in social media marketing). These experts will help explain why their company is doing something important or what their goals are regarding social media marketing efforts like yours (which might include partnering with local businesses)

7. Add visuals, sound bites and video whenever possible, and include quotes from experts who can give your release credibility.

  • Add visuals, sound bites and video whenever possible.

  • Include quotes from experts who can give your release credibility.

  • Link to your social media channels in the body of the release (but not in its headline).

A social media news release can be more effective than a traditional press release, reaching a much broader audience with pertinent information about your band or artist.

A social media news release can be more effective than a traditional video news release template, reaching a much broader audience with pertinent information about your band or artist. The content is tailored to the platform, so it will be relevant and interesting for people who follow you on Facebook or Twitter. This makes it easier for fans to share their favorite post from the article if they want, which could lead them down the path of purchasing tickets for an upcoming concert or buying merch from the band's website.


We hope these tips have helped you get started with your own social media news release, and that they’ve reminded you of some of the different ways to make sure your release works. Remember that a good news release is always about keeping your audience informed; it doesn’t matter whether it comes through traditional channels or social media in the end. The more people know about your project, the more likely they are to find out about it!

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