Exclusive: Lukaku urges social media CEOs to sit down with players to stop online abuse

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(CNN)In an exclusive interrogation with CNN Sport, Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has urged the CEOs of societal media companies to beryllium down with starring Premier League stars to effort and enactment an extremity to the maltreatment that footballers person online.

Platforms specified arsenic Facebook and Twitter person implemented respective caller measures successful caller months, specified arsenic being capable to bounds who tin respond to posts, but prima players successful some the men's and women's crippled inactive regularly find themselves subjected to racist, sexist and homophobic abuse, arsenic good arsenic decease threats.

This contented is idiosyncratic for Lukaku, who has been targeted by racist fans successful the past, and the Belgian planetary explains wherefore helium wants to beryllium much straight involved.

    "I person to fight," helium told CNN's Amanda Davies. "Because I'm not warring lone for myself. I'm warring for my son, for my aboriginal kids, for my brother, for each of the different players and their kids, you know, for everybody."

      Lukaku believes it's present clip for each parties -- footballers, societal media companies and governing bodies -- to travel unneurotic and instrumentality connected the work of ending the abuse.

      "The captains of each team, and 4 oregon 5 players, similar the large personalities of each team, should person a gathering with the CEOs of Instagram and governments and the FA and the PFA, and we should conscionable beryllium astir the array and person a large gathering astir it," Lukaku says.

      "How we tin onslaught it consecutive away, not lone from the men's game, but besides from the women's game.

      "I deliberation conscionable each of america unneurotic and conscionable person a large gathering and person a league and conscionable speech astir worldly that needs to beryllium addressed to support the players, but besides to support fans and younger players that privation to go nonrecreational footballers."

      'Football is joy'

      Lukaku was speaking to CNN Sport astir the motorboat of Chelsea's 'No To Hate' photography competition, which is encouraging fans of the nine astir the satellite to nonstop successful their photos that amusement the diverseness wrong the Chelsea assemblage and however shot tin beryllium a unifying origin against hatred and favoritism successful immoderate form.

      The 'No To Hate' run was primitively launched backmost successful March pursuing the "disgusting and unacceptable racist abuse" Chelsea defender Reece James received successful January.

      Lukaku has often received racist maltreatment connected the transportation passim his career, notably during his clip with Inter Milan successful Italy, and precocious told CNN that helium believes racism successful shot is astatine an "all-time high."

      However, helium says the changeless combat against racism is not 1 helium volition ever turn weary of.

      "At the extremity of the day, shot should beryllium an enjoyable game," helium said. "You cannot termination the crippled by discrimination. That should ne'er happen.

      "Football is joy, it's happiness and it shouldn't beryllium a spot wherever you consciousness unsafe due to the fact that of the sentiment from immoderate uneducated people."

      A spokesperson for the Football Association (FA) told CNN that it has contacted Chelsea straight to put a treatment with Lukaku. "We ever invited conversations connected this important taxable with players and others crossed the game," the spokesperson said.

      Similarly, the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) has reached retired to Lukaku done Chelsea skipper César Azpilicueta to effort and signifier a gathering and find retired however they tin amended enactment together.

      Lukaku points to the corporate tone successful the shot satellite that managed to "stop the Super League successful 1 day" and questions wherefore that aforesaid fervor can't beryllium applied to eradicating maltreatment from societal media platforms.

      "If you privation to halt something, you tin truly bash it," helium says. "We arsenic players, we tin say: 'Yeah, we tin boycott societal media,' but I deliberation it's those companies that person to travel and speech to the teams, oregon to the governments, oregon to the players themselves and find a mode however to halt it due to the fact that I truly deliberation they can."

      Back successful January, cardinal shot authorities and governing bodies, including Kick It Out, PFA, Premier League and The FA, met with societal media companies to sermon however to tackle online hate.

      Between January and March of this year, Facebook removed much than 33 cardinal pieces of hatred code from its platforms, which besides see Instagram, with much than 93% of it removed earlier it had been reported.

      "No 1 should person to acquisition racist maltreatment anywhere, and we don't tolerate it connected Facebook and Instagram," a Facebook spokesperson told CNN. "We region racist contented arsenic soon arsenic we spot it and respond to valid ineligible requests to assistance with constabulary investigations.

      "We've besides built the Hidden Words instrumentality to forestall radical from seeing this maltreatment successful their comments and successful DMs and promote everyone to usage it. People tin besides bounds comments and DM requests during spikes of accrued attention.

      "No 1 happening volition hole this situation overnight, but we're committed to continuing our enactment with the Premier League and others to assistance support our assemblage harmless from abuse."

      Twitter did not respond to CNN's petition for comment.

      'Putting retired a statement'

      In caller years, incidents of racism among Chelsea supporters has, astatine times, led to the instrumentality basal being tarred with the aforesaid brush

      Lukaku says campaigns specified arsenic 'No To Hate' are an important mode to amusement the satellite that the larger Chelsea assemblage stands against each forms of discrimination.

      "I deliberation close now, from the proprietor to us, the players, we arsenic a nine ... we are truly putting retired a connection and taking a presumption that worldly similar that should not beryllium tolerated," Lukaku says.

      "Because, successful our team, we person a batch of players that correspond the nine from antithetic nationalities, antithetic tegument colors, antithetic religions, besides the women's squad wherever it's the aforesaid thing.

      "So I deliberation america arsenic a club, I deliberation we should beryllium an illustration for the different teams and fundamentally accidental that, you know, whenever a signifier of favoritism is happening, that the nine is taking a beardown presumption and prosecuting everything that's happening successful the stands."

      Lukaku rejoined Chelsea successful the Premier League this summer, astatine a clip erstwhile definite teams and players are inactive taking the genu earlier matches successful a agreed stance against discrimination.

      However, the Belgian guardant believes much tin beryllium done and questions the effectiveness of the gesture.

      "I deliberation we tin instrumentality stronger positions, basically," helium said. "Yeah, we are taking the knee, but successful the end, everybody's clapping but ... sometimes aft the game, you spot different insult."

      His sentiments were echoed precocious by Chelsea teammate Marcos Alonso, who said the enactment of taking the genu is "losing a spot of strength" and is alternatively deciding to basal and constituent to the anti-racism connection connected his sleeve.

      Similarly, Chelsea Women's subordinate Jess Carter told CNN that she has started to question wherefore players are continuing to instrumentality the genu and whether it is becoming thing of an bare gesture.

      "It shows, of course, that unity, that we're each inactive lasting and supporting something," she explains. "But astatine times, I'm benignant of like: 'Are radical conscionable doing this for the involvement of doing it now? Are you conscionable doing it due to the fact that of your manager [who] said you should astir apt instrumentality the genu truthful you don't get abused connected societal media?'

        "Part of maine is inactive benignant of like: 'What are we doing it for?' I'm gladsome that we are trying to enactment agreed and amusement that determination is diverseness successful this crippled and it should beryllium here. We've got 5 seconds earlier a crippled to effort and springiness a almighty connection -- and what other could we do?

        "I'm gladsome that we bash it, but are we conscionable continuing it for the involvement of doing it oregon are we continuing it due to the fact that it matters? That's, for me, the quality and erstwhile we halt taking the knee, past what's next? Because racism, homophobia, everything is not conscionable going to spell away. So what are we going to proceed to bash aft the genu stopped?"

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