Family of Astroworld victim want answers

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The fig of lawsuits successful the Astroworld calamity continues to grow. One of the latest lawsuits was filed by the household of 23-year-old Rudy Peña.

Rudy Peña died from injuries helium sustained during the Astroworld Festival performance connected Nov. 5. More than 3 weeks later, his household inactive has truthful galore unanswered questions.

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"It's hard due to the fact that helium wasn't expected to dice similar that," said his sister Jennifer Peña. "He was special. He was bright. He would smile. He was a blessed person. That's wherefore it hurts."

Driven and positive, Rudy's sister told ABC13 helium had a agleam future. He worked and went to school, studying transgression justice. He yet wanted to enactment for Border Patrol.

"He was an inspiring person," Jennifer said during the family's sojourn to Houston. "He would brighten our hearts each day."

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His household inactive does not definitively cognize what killed Rudy. It is 1 of galore questions they have, and it is simply a deficiency of solution that haunts them.

"We request an answer," Jennifer said. "That's what we need."

The Peña household filed a suit citing unsafe conditions. Their attorneys corroborate that Travis Scott's lawyer did scope retired successful penning and offered to wage for Rudy's funeral, arsenic good arsenic conscionable personally with the family. They person not had clip to respond to either offer, arsenic they are excessively engaged grieving a nonaccomplishment they inactive cannot comprehend.

"More volition beryllium learned astir who did what, who didn't instrumentality action," said lawyer Valeria Cortinas Fisher. "As a result, Rudy and 9 different radical mislaid their lives."

Theirs is among the hundreds of lawsuits with thousands of plaintiffs. As of Monday, much than 270 lawsuits were listed connected the Harris County District Court website. The civilian probe is expanding arsenic the transgression probe pushes forward. Houston constabulary told ABC13 Monday day they person nary updates but are inactive the pb agency.

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"With both, the civilian and transgression broadside going distant astatine the aforesaid clip determination is truthful overmuch information," said Rosendo Almaraz, different lawyer representing the Peña family. "So galore parties progressive that moving cohesively and contributing to each other's investigations I deliberation volition nutrient much than apt akin results."

As they await immoderate benignant of solution connected the transgression oregon civilian side, each the Peña household tin bash is mourn the nonaccomplishment of a young antheral who had truthful overmuch potential, who went to a performance and ne'er came home.

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