First Look At Netflix's Cowboy Bebop With New Set Photos, Release Date Revealed

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Many anime fans, but caller and old, person astatine the precise slightest heard of the classical Cowboy Bebop series. This fashionable abstraction occidental communicative archetypal saw the airy of time backmost successful 1998 and has remained a staple with fans and an inspiration to different anime creators since then. Now there’s an all-new mode to spot Spike and the crew, arsenic the live-action Netflix Cowboy Bebop bid dropped a fewer caller pictures of the formed successful afloat quality arsenic good arsenic a merchandise date. 

Netflix is acceptable to jam and dropped a ton of caller photos to spot the main formed successful each of their abstraction cowboy glory. Launching connected November 19, the caller acceptable photos springiness fans of the bid a accidental to spot a caller mode to acquisition this world. Judging disconnected of the images, the casting looks to beryllium spot on. WIth Yoko Kanno besides returning, the archetypal composer for Cowboy Bebop, the latest adaptation could conscionable beryllium that cleanable saccharine spot that links live-action and animation. 

As for the cast, John Cho is playing our main antheral Spike Spiegel, with Mustafa Shakir donning the relation of Jet Black alongside Daniella Pineda arsenic Faye Valentine. Check retired the photos supra to spot however these actors bring immoderate of our astir beloved characters successful anime to life. 

The live-action rendition of this cult classical isn’t the lone clip that Cowboy Bebop has stepped beyond their anime bid TV time. Back successful 2003, an animated movie made its debut and received highly affirmative feedback worldwide. It also mainlined into the occidental audience’s interest erstwhile it made the leap to Adult Swim successful the United States.

We're excited to spot however Cho and the remainder of the formed instrumentality to the satellite of Cowboy Bebop erstwhile the Netflix bid adaptation arrives connected November 19.

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