Fox Reports Trump Encouraged Vaccine and Booster: Incredibly, Host Says It Actually Doesn’t Matter

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There is thing Trump could bash close present to redeem himself with respect to COVID. His refusal to instrumentality the illness seriously, contempt knowing amended (overestimating, according to Woodward), the half-baked “shutdown” that lasted a small implicit 2 weeks (“I privation the beauteous churches unfastened for Easter…”), and the vanity that prevented him from wearing a disguise oregon demanding that others deterioration a mask, all, successful and of themselves pb to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

He likes to speech astir Operation Warp Speed. Operation Speed was good. It cleared each kinds of regulatory hurdles. Every federation connected Earth had a akin cognition and the British won by a week. Trump didn’t travel up with immoderate genius program nary substance however overmuch helium takes recognition for it.

As the vaccine became available, Trump was excessively engaged trying to overthrow an predetermination to bash everything successful his powerfulness (imagine Jimmy Carter successful the aforesaid situation) to get the vaccine retired to arsenic galore Americans arsenic possible. By the clip Trump climbed the stairs of Air Force One for the past time, it was Biden’s problem.

Biden established goals and doubled them. Everything looked cleanable until the state ran up against the MAGA wall, which seemed to privation to marque a governmental connection arsenic overmuch arsenic an anti-science statement. “Biden cannot archer maine what to do,” and past rotation successful euphoria watching liberals suffer our minds astir the information they garbage to get vaccinated. Trump could’ve fixed each that. He could’ve done 2 to 3 PSAs, “We request the MAGAmovement to beryllium stronger than the Democrats, we request 100% vaccination…” Boom, astatine slightest 75% of the MAGA voters would get vaxxed connected that alone.

He ne'er did.

Thus helium did not redeem himself implicit the play when, successful his discussions with Bill O’Reilly, helium admitted that helium was vaccinated and had the booster. Some successful the assemblage blood.

This morning, Fox and Friends covered the information that Trump encouraged radical to beryllium vaxed and boosted. In nary mode does it redeem Trump. We tin enactment it this way, it’s amended that helium did it than had helium not done it. He yet made a bully choice. That is the furthest 1 tin go.

As per usual, Fox and Friends’ interest was “choice” and, shockingly, co-host Carly Shimkus came up with 1 of the astir nonsensical arguments ever made astir anything, and the reliably sentient-challenged Brian Kilmeade emphatically agreed. 

Shimkus said:

“If you look astatine the world of the situation, if idiosyncratic isn’t vaccinated close now, and they look astatine their 2 friends who betwixt the 3 of them has had six shots against covid and they inactive got it due to the fact that of Omicron, realistically that idiosyncratic isn’t going to get vaccinated.”

Kilmeade was close there; “Exactly!”

As they accidental down southbound upon proceeding thing ridiculous; “Do what now?” A idiosyncratic is looking astatine his 2 friends who are thrice vaxed, but they are getting Omicron anyway, truthful wherefore would anyone privation to get vaccinated?

How astir “Not Dying?”

The cardinal astir the 2 radical lasting determination with Omicron is that they are standing. They are not successful a infirmary connected a ventilator with the family’s pastor extracurricular praying. The feline wondering astir wherefore helium should get vaccinated mightiness privation to see specified successful his plans. The information that it wasn’t adjacent mentioned is arsenic anserine arsenic the illustration itself, arsenic irresponsible arsenic Trump’s attack to COVID each along.

They went on to speech astir the caller therapeutic drugs connected the mode out, failing to notation that therapeutics person broadside effects, excessively (often overmuch worse), are made by the aforesaid companies that marque the vaccine, and, particularly arsenic compared to the vaccine, are ungodly expensive.


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