Google Stadia Pro free games for September 2021: Darksiders 2 and more

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(Pocket-lint) - Stadia Pro members not lone get up to 4K HDR video streaming and 5.1 sound, they besides get escaped games each period arsenic portion of their subscription.

Since launch, Pro members person received a mighty postulation of apical tier games, including Destiny 2, Zombie Army 4, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Sniper Elite 4, Serious Sam and galore much - each arsenic portion of the £8.99/$9.99 monthly fee.

And, with Stadia Pro disposable for escaped for a period to caller members, that means everyone tin bask them close now.

An astonishing 3 escaped games volition beryllium disposable successful September, truthful present are the titles you tin play connected the Stadia unreality gaming level astatine nary other cost.

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Darksiders 2

  • Available from 1 September 2021

The classical hack and slash enactment escapade is present disposable for escaped for Stadia Pro members.

Little Big Workshop

  • Available from 1 September 2021

This cute sandbox simulation crippled gives you everything you request to physique a amusive and affable factory. Different industries are included, with antithetic challenges.

Wave Break

  • Available from 1 September 2021

Described arsenic "skateboarding... with guns", Wave Break is heavy incspired by Miami Vice, but with plentifulness of footwear flips and grinding on the way.

How to redeem your escaped Stadia Pro games

    To redeem this month's games (and immoderate games inactive disposable arsenic portion of Stadia Pro membership) travel the instructions below:

    • Open the Stadia app connected Android oregon iOS, oregon caput to the Stadia webpage successful Google Chrome.
    • Open the store done the tab astatine the bottommost (phone) oregon apical (Chrome browser).
    • If you are signed successful you should spot "Stadia Pro games" arsenic the 2nd scrollable menu.
    • Either pat oregon click connected each crippled you are yet to assertion and that volition instrumentality you to their idiosyncratic page.
    • Tap oregon click connected "Claim".
    • The crippled is present successful your room to play arsenic often arsenic you similar arsenic agelong arsenic you proceed to subscribe to Stadia Pro.

    Note, games are often taken disconnected the Stadia Pro list, truthful tin nary longer beryllium redeemed afterwards. However, they stay successful your room to play.


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