How to Color Your Own Hair

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Whether it’s clip for a alteration oregon you privation to prevention wealth connected salon fees, coloring your ain hairsbreadth is simply a large step. These guidelines tin assistance you larn however to colour your ain hair.

Know Your Limits

If you're not a trained hairstylist, you mightiness consciousness anxious astir attempting a color astatine home, truthful it’s important to admit your limits. Before you start, inquire yourself if:‌

  • This is your archetypal clip ever coloring your hair
  • Your hair is damaged 
  • You privation to bash an utmost colour change
  • You’re allergic to hairsbreadth colour products‌

If the reply is yes to immoderate of these, you should speech to a licensed nonrecreational stylist earlier you start. They tin either assistance you colour your hairsbreadth safely oregon usher you done the close products for your hairsbreadth and skin. 

Choose Your Color Formula

There are 3 main kinds of hair color: semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. Choosing the close look depends connected your hairsbreadth type, the shadiness you want, however overmuch grey you have, and whether it's been colored before. ‌

Fine hairsbreadth absorbs colour easily. Coarse hairsbreadth similar gray, curly, and African-American hairsbreadth is harder for colour to penetrate and deposit connected the strand. ‌

Choosing your colour look depends connected respective factors.‌

Semi-permanent color. Semi-permanent colour sits connected apical of your hairsbreadth and washes retired aft 6 to 12 shampoos. It doesn’t person peroxide truthful it doesn’t assistance the earthy colour from your hair. This means it’s champion utilized to dye your hairsbreadth darker alternatively than lighter. This is simply a bully prime if you privation a bright, amusive color for a abbreviated time.‌

Demi-permanent. This benignant of colour has tiny amounts of peroxide, which tin lighten your hairsbreadth slightly. When you bargain a demi-permanent color, you’ll get a vessel of colour and a vessel of developer that has the peroxide. You’ll premix these unneurotic and use to your hair. ‌

Demi-permanent doesn’t afloat penetrate your hair, but it does past longer, usually from 12 to 26 weeks.‌

Permanent. As the sanction suggests, this colour lasts the longest: until your hairsbreadth grows out. You’ll usage a developer with imperishable color, which helps assistance your hairsbreadth color, unfastened the cuticle, and deposit the color. This process tin beryllium quite damaging if it’s not done properly. This is the champion prime to screen a batch of grey hairsbreadth oregon if you privation to spell to a lighter shade. 


Choose Your Shade

Generally, it’s champion to colour your hairsbreadth darker than its earthy shadiness alternatively than lighter. If you effort to spell much than 3 shades lighter, you’ll request tons of peroxide oregon bleach. This tin damage your hair, particularly if you’re doing it astatine location without guidance.‌

Choose a colour wrong 3 shades of your earthy color. If you person aggregate options but can’t choose, get the lighter one. If you marque a mistake, it’s easier to hole a lighter shadiness than a acheronian one.

Prepare Your Supplies and Your Area

Before you colour your hairsbreadth astatine home, hole yourself and your area. Wear an aged fastener down garment you won’t caput ruining with dye and usage an aged rag to drawback immoderate spills. If you're messy with your dye, you mightiness privation to laic retired immoderate garbage bags to support your level and surfaces.‌

Your colour kit volition travel with gloves and bottles. If you’re much experienced with colour and are utilizing nonrecreational products, you’ll request bowls and brushes for application. 

Prepare Your Hair and Start Coloring

Before you begin, marque definite your hairsbreadth is adust and unwashed. Then use a bladed furniture of petroleum jelly astir your hairline. This volition assistance halt immoderate staining connected your skin.‌

If you’re coloring each implicit oregon making a large colour change, commencement applying the colour to your roots and past instantly each implicit your hair. Work the colour done and marque definite each your hairsbreadth is covered. Follow the instructions for the clip limit. ‌

If you’re touching up your roots, enactment successful one-quarter-inch sections and use the colour to your caller growth. Then use the remaining colour to the remainder of your hairsbreadth to refresh the color.

Rinse and shampoo and condition with the products successful your kit. Wait 24 to 48 hours earlier washing again. 

Other Considerations

Make definite to spot trial the merchandise earlier you commencement and hold 48 hours to regularisation retired any allergies. If you person a reaction, don’t usage the product, and speech to your hairstylist for coloring advice.  

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