How to create a hidden, nearly undeletable folder in Windows 10

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It is imaginable to fell delicate folders and files from prying eyes successful File Explorer utilizing a fewer property settings. We amusement you however to fell folders and forestall their accidental deletion.


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Despite each the advancement Microsoft has made connected modernizing Windows 10, its flagship operating strategy inactive contains bequest elements from the archetypal PC OS. By applying a fewer tricks and taking vantage of a fewer remnant quirks, you whitethorn manipulate Windows 10 successful unusual and mysterious ways you mightiness not person known were possible.

For example, utilizing a circumstantial operation of commands, you tin fell a Windows 10 folder from File Explorer and render that folder, and each the files it contains, astir undeletable. That combination, on with an encryption protocol, could beryllium each you request to fell and support delicate backstage files from unauthorized access.

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This how-to tutorial shows you however to make a hidden read-only folder successful Windows 10 and fell it from the modular presumption of File Explorer.

How to make a hidden, astir undeletable folder successful Windows 10

In Microsoft Windows 10 determination are definite protected adaptable names that users are not allowed to usage for folder names due to the fact that of however they are utilized for Windows programming and features. For example, you cannot usage File Explorer to make a folder with the sanction "con," arsenic you tin spot successful Figure A.

Figure A


In the past, we could usage this information and immoderate tricks astatine the bid punctual to make folders that could not beryllium deleted with modular methods. Unfortunately, Microsoft has precocious taken steps to adjacent those DOS bid line loopholes. This information measurement means we volition person to edifice to less-powerful and more-conventional methods for hiding our delicate folders and data.

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While we could inactive usage the bid enactment to make and fell our folders, that method nary loner serves its extra-secretive purpose, truthful we tin usage File Explorer and the Windows GUI. Open Windows File Explorer and navigate to a folder oregon thrust wherever you privation to make your hidden folder. Create the caller folder, by right-clicking connected a blank spot successful the righthand model and selecting New | Folder from the discourse menu, arsenic shown successful Figure B.

Figure B


Right-click your recently created folder and prime Properties from the discourse menu. Note the Attributes conception astatine the bottommost of the surface (Figure C), and click the boxes labeled Read-Only and Hidden to adhd checkmarks to each.

Figure C


Click the Apply fastener and walk the attributes to each the files and subfolders, past click the OK fastener to implicit the alteration successful attributes. As you tin spot successful Figure D, utilizing the mean presumption successful File Explorer, that folder and the files it contains volition beryllium wholly invisible to the mean user. The files volition besides beryllium Read-only, which means they cannot beryllium modified oregon overwritten without deliberate steps to override the settings.

Figure D


To entree the hidden folder and its contents, unfastened File Explorer and prime the View tab from the Ribbon. Check the container to Show/Hide Hidden Items, and you volition beryllium capable to spot a grayed-out mentation of the folder, arsenic shown successful Figure E.

Figure E


While this whitethorn not beryllium the astir effectual oregon businesslike mode to fell a folder with delicate data, it is amended than nothing. Unauthorized entree to your hidden folder volition necessitate conscious and deliberate actions, frankincense eliminating the random accidental find by the simply curious.

As mentioned, successful the past we would person utilized a protected folder sanction to marque our hidden folder undeletable, but seemingly that is nary longer available. If you person recovered a mode to inactive instrumentality vantage of those folder names, we would similar to perceive astir it successful the treatment forum below.

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