How to install an internal SSD for your PS5: Get more PlayStation 5 storage

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(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 5 has been retired for a while, now, and it's yet got 1 of the features that was revealed earlier it came retired - the quality to instrumentality connected an further interior M2 SSD for much speedy storage.

With astir 825GB of SSD abstraction retired of the box, and lone astir 667GB of that really accessible to gamers due to the fact that of the OS taking up room, getting much abstraction is thing that plentifulness of radical volition beryllium truly keen on. It's not the simplest process but we're present to locomotion you done however to get it done.

1. Choose a compatible SSD

First up, you should cognize that lone a prime fewer SSDs are really going to enactment with the PS5 internally - they request to beryllium an M2 drive, and adjacent much crucially they request to acceptable into the slot they're allocated to, with a heatsink attached.


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For now, determination are 2 apical recommendations to spell with. First, there's the Seagate FireCuda 530. This is simply a lightning-fast thrust that shoots past each of Sony's requirements connected the velocity front, and happily besides has a tiny capable heatsink that it'll fit.



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Secondly, you could besides spell with the SN850 from WD_Black, which likewise is much than accelerated capable to enactment with Sony's requirements, and besides has a diminutive heatsink - either is simply a large choice, though Sony has clarified that adjacent the fastest drives mightiness not execute precisely similar the PS5's ain modular SSD.


2. Make definite you're connected the close strategy software

For now, SSD enlargement is lone disposable to users who are enrolled successful Sony's beta investigating system, which means you perfectly shouldn't support going if you're not a beta user. If you're moving the latest beta bundle version, you're fine, but if not this won't enactment for you yet.

You tin archer whether this applies to you by going to the pursuing parts of the settings paper connected your console:

If you are connected the beta version, though, you'll beryllium capable to proceed erstwhile you've checked that you're connected the latest mentation of the OS possible.

3. Turn disconnected your PS5 and unplug it

Next up, you'll privation to afloat power-down your PS5 by holding its powerfulness fastener for 3 seconds. Leave it to chill down for a fewer minutes, past unplug it completely. This'll person you acceptable to instal your SSD.

4. Open your PS5's cover

You'll privation the PS5 laying connected a brushed aboveground with the disc thrust broadside facing upward (so upside-down compared to however it usually rests). Then, with a spot of force, you tin lever the achromatic screen disconnected the PS5 by gripping it astatine the apical country and lifting it up portion sliding it toward the base.

It's a small finnicky truthful don't exert excessively overmuch unit - if you propulsion it outward a spot and descent it down toward the basal screw spread of the PS5, you should beryllium capable to click it off. This volition amusement you the slot for the SSD, though it'll beryllium covered by a metallic plate, arsenic you tin spot below.


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5. Remove the slot's screen and click successful your SSD

You tin easy unscrew this screen utilizing a cross-head screwdriver, letting you spot the slot for the SSD.


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Then it's a reasonably elemental substance of clicking the SSD into spot and securing it utilizing the screw and spacer that you'll find wrong (they're astatine the extremity of the slot marked with 110).


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The size of your SSD volition find wherever the screw and spacer unafraid it, and it should beryllium reasonably evident erstwhile you click the SSD into its slot. You'll find it easiest if you click it into its lodging astatine the base, arsenic successful the representation above, past unafraid it from the different end.

You'll privation the spacer underneath the SSD, and the screw to spell done the semi-circular lodging connected the SSD's end, to unafraid it successful place.


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6. Close your PS5 backmost up and format your drive

From here, it's astir going backmost successful reverse. Once your SSD is secure, you tin screw the screen for its slot backmost into place. Then you tin reattach the achromatic integrative broadside of the PS5, sliding it into spot until it clicks solidly, past hook it each backmost up to powerfulness by your TV. 

If you've done everything right, powering connected the PS5 should nonstop you to a formatting surface to acceptable your thrust up. Once that process is complete, successful nether a infinitesimal from our experience, you'll beryllium escaped to bask your expanded retention and hide astir the days of deleting games each the time.

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If immoderate of these steps are unclear, meanwhile, you tin cheque retired Sony's highly detailed accusation leafage here, which besides contains truly granular breakdowns of precisely what benignant of SSD you'll privation to buy, successful lawsuit our 2 recommendations aren't to your tastes.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 2 August 2021.

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