How to use Android 12's new auto-rotate screen with face detection feature

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(Pocket-lint) - Google's adjacent large update to Android, called Android 12, is owed imminently and volition bring respective caller features and improvements, including a caller auto-rotate strategy that relies connected look detection to work. While not a mind-blowing feature, it's inactive beauteous awesome to use. Here's how.

What's caller with Android 12's auto-rotate surface feature?

With Android 12, Google has travel up with a unsocial mode to power erstwhile your surface automatically switches betwixt vertical oregon horizontal orientation. Basically, alternatively of leveraging your phone’s accelerometer to find however you’re holding an Android instrumentality truthful it tin rotate your screen, Android 12 volition usage your device's front-facing camera. The bundle volition beryllium capable to spot however your look is positioned and tin guarantee the surface is perfectly lined up for you.

Why is Android 12's caller auto-rotate surface diagnostic cool?

How galore times person you lied down, portion holding your telephone to the broadside oregon astatine an angle, and past the surface switched to scenery erstwhile successful actuality you wanted representation mode? It's annoying, and for astir people, it causes them to unopen disconnected auto-rotate. But due to the fact that Android 12's caller strategy uses look detection to spot your look and its presumption - ideally, it's much close astatine figuring retired however you're utilizing and holding your instrumentality earlier switching rotations.

How to alteration auto-rotate surface with look detection successful Android 12

The steps beneath enactment successful the existing Android 12 beta connected Pixel phones. It's unclear if it volition marque it to the last physique of Android 12 for consumers, fto unsocial if it volition play nicely with different devices and third-party apps from developers. Stay tuned to our in-depth usher connected Android 12 for the latest information.

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  1. On your unlocked Android 12 device, swipe down doubly from the apical of your screen.
  2. Tap the (gear-shaped) Settings icon successful the country of the Quick Settings panel.
  3. Tap “Display.”
  4. Scroll until you spot “Auto-rotate screen", and past pat it.
  5. Toggle connected “Use Auto-rotate" and then “Enable Face Detection".
    • This volition crook connected Android 12’s caller auto-rotate with look detection feature.
  6. Once you've enabled look detection, you're each set.

Want to cognize more?

Learn however to get the Android 12 beta here.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 24 August 2021.

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