How to use the Notification Shade in Android 12

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Android 12 is bringing a fig of large changes to the mode you usage the mobile platform. Some are significant, and immoderate subtle. One specified alteration is however you usage the Notification Shade.


I've been utilizing Android since mentation 2. That maths retired astatine astir 10 years, which means galore habits are profoundly ingrained. One specified wont is interacting with the Notification Shade. For the longest time, that enactment has hardly changed, with possibly a tweak present and there, successful however you interact with notifications. 

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But arsenic you know, Android 12 has brought on with it immoderate large changes to the UI. Thanks to Material You, Android feels similar an wholly caller beast. It's much polished, much animated, much performant and modern. One alteration that volition travel up respective users retired of the gross is however you telephone up the Notification Shade. 

Prior to Android 12, you simply dragged from the apical borderline of the show to unfastened the Notification Shade. Pull down doubly and you tin summation entree to the Settings fastener and the Quick Tiles. This is precisely however we've each utilized the Shade for years. But erstwhile I opted into the Android 12 beta, that each changed. Yes, you resistance down to unfastened the shade, but there's a subtle difference, and it'll instrumentality immoderate clip to shingle escaped from the bonds of musculus memory.

Let maine explicate this caller method. Are you acceptable for it?

How to unfastened the Notification Shade connected Android 12

The quality is simple. Instead of dragging down from the apical borderline of the screen, you request to commencement the resistance conscionable nether the time/date/weather widget (Figure A).

Figure A


The time/date/weather widget is determination to service arsenic a usher for your Notification interaction.

When you correctly unfastened the Shade this way, your notifications volition look precisely arsenic you expect (only with the caller overgarment of overgarment that comes on with Material You: Figure B).

Figure B


The caller Material You notifications of Android 12.

How to entree the Settings fastener and Quick Tiles

To get to the Settings fastener and Quick Tiles, you could either resistance the notification shadiness down again (with the notifications already open) oregon you could spell backmost to the aged schoolhouse method and resistance down from the precise apical of the screen. This enactment volition bypass the Notifications and spell consecutive to the Settings/Quick Tiles shadiness (Figure C).

Figure C


Gaining entree to the Settings and Quick Tile buttons. 

To recap:

  • Drag down erstwhile from beneath the Date/Time/Weather widget to unfastened the Notification Shade.
  • Drag down erstwhile from the apical to unfastened the Settings/Quick Tiles Shade.

This is not a monolithic change, but it's 1 that volition travel you up rather often erstwhile you archetypal commencement utilizing Android 12. I'll beryllium honest, this is 1 of those changes that caught maine disconnected defender rather often. I'd propulsion down from the apical to presumption my notifications, lone to person to disregard the Settings/Quick Tiles and effort again. Hopefully, present that you've been warned, you won't endure the aforesaid vexation arsenic did I.

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