IBM's new Telum Processor is the company's first with an on-chip AI accelerator

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The microprocessor contains 8 processor cores and is designed to process delicate information successful hybrid unreality deployments, according to the company.


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The caller Telum Processor volition beryllium the cardinal processor spot for the adjacent procreation IBM Z and LinuxONE systems, the institution announced Monday. The processor has a dedicated on-chip accelerator for AI inference and the plan improves performance, information and availability. The institution announced the quality astatine the Hot Chip conference.

The microprocessor contains 8 processor cores, clocked astatine much than 5GHz, with each halfway supported by a redesigned 32MB backstage level-2 cache. The level-2 caches unneurotic signifier a 256MB virtual Level-3 and 2GB Level-4 cache, according to the company. 

The 1.5x maturation of cache per halfway implicit the z15 procreation is designed to alteration a important summation successful some per-thread show and full capacity, according to the company. The institution said successful a property merchandise that Telum's show improvements volition let accelerated effect times successful analyzable transaction systems, particularly erstwhile augmented with real-time AI inference.

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Telum besides features information improvements including transparent encryption of main memory. Telum's Secure Execution improvements are designed to supply accrued show and usability for Hyper Protected Virtual Servers and trusted execution environments, specified arsenic processing delicate information successful hybrid unreality deployments.

The predecessor IBM z15 spot was designed to alteration seven nines availability (only 3.16 seconds of downtime per year) for IBM Z and LinuxONE systems. IBM said Telum's redesigned 8-channel representation improves connected that chip's availability owed to an interface susceptible of tolerating implicit transmission oregon DIMM failures.

The spot is the archetypal 1 created by the IBM Research AI Hardware Center. The institution expects fiscal firms to usage the spot to forestall fraud alternatively of simply detecting it.

NVIDIA's AI chips

NVIDIA announced an "AI-on-5G" instrumentality successful June to widen enactment for Arm-based CPUs successful the NVIDIA Aerial A100 platform. The computing level uses the NVIDIA Aerial bundle improvement kit and volition incorporated 16 Arm Cortex-A78 processors into the Nvidia BlueField-3 A100. 

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According to the company, this is simply a self-contained, converged paper that delivers endeavor borderline AI applications implicit cloud-native 5G vRAN with improved show per watt and faster clip to deployment. BlueField-3 is simply a next-generation information processing portion built for AI and accelerated computing and optimized for 5G connectivity. The instrumentality includes an NVIDIA A100 GPU, a BlueField 2 information processing spot and a processor, either ARM oregon x86.

The institution announced its A100 AI spot successful June 2020. It has 54 cardinal transistors and tin execute 54 petaflops of performance. That spot is the 3rd procreation of the company's' DGX platform.

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