Ikea Sjömärke turns (almost) any desk into a wireless charging pad

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(Pocket-lint) - Ikea has a launched a caller $40 wireless charger, but this 1 is simply a small antithetic to your accustomed charging stands and bases. Rather than beryllium connected apical of your table oregon table, it sits nether it and tin present complaint done to the apical surface. 

It's called the Sjömärke and - successful cognition - is simply a beauteous elemental affair. You simply screw it (or portion it) to the underside of your desk, and past plug it into a powerfulness source. 

Once switched on, you conscionable spot your wireless charging merchandise (smartphone/earphones) supra it connected your desk, and similar magic, it feels similar you're table is charging your phone. 

In bid to marque definite you're lining up your telephone oregon earbuds lawsuit successful the close position, Ikea adjacent includes an 'X' sticker that you instrumentality connected to your table to bespeak wherever the charging saccharine spot is. 

There are - of people - immoderate restrictions. For instance, if your table is made of materials that mightiness artifact the awesome - similar metallic - it won't work. 

However, if you person a wood/plastic table that's astatine slightest 8mm thick, it volition work. You besides request to marque definite your table isn't excessively thick. Anything implicit 22.2mm is excessively overmuch for the powerfulness to beryllium delivered. 

Sadly, for those hoping for speedy accelerated charging, it lone delivers astir 5W of power. That means it's a reasonably dilatory affair. But for those disquieted astir information and somesthesia risks, the Sjömärke does person the quality to show its powerfulness and somesthesia to guarantee it ne'er gets excessively hot. 

The charger volition acceptable you backmost astir $40 if you determine it's thing that would beryllium truly convenient for you. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 20 September 2021.

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