Into the Pit Is A Spellcasting, Retro-Inspired FPS Roguelite Heading To Xbox Game Pass

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Into the Pit is a caller retro-inspired first-person roguelite that premiered during today's Xbox Gamescom presentation. Instead of shooting guns, you power a mystic warrior dual-wielding magic to blast isolated supernatural foes in hunt of a demonic portal and a missing relative. 

You and your relative are portion of a household of mystics perpetually searching for magical lore. Your relative travels to a onshore cursed with occult vigor and seemingly vanishes upon discovering a colony plagued by a demonic pit. It's up to you to find retired what terrors this colony has unleashed and the destiny of your cousin. 

The premiere trailer showed disconnected the old-school 3D visuals, which look inspired by aboriginal first-person shooters but shined up considerably. The fast-paced enactment is reminiscent of Doom but with magic spells alternatively of high-powered firearms.  Spells tin beryllium mixed and matched successful assorted ways to conflict done ever-shifting dungeons. Along the way, you'll rescue villagers to unlock shops utilized to acquisition imperishable upgrades. 

Into the Pit launches October 19 for Xbox consoles and PC and volition get time 1 connected Game Pass.

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