Is COVID-19 shifting your company's digital transformation plans? We want to know!

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Take this quick, multiple-choice survey and archer america astir your company's integer translation initiatives for 2022.

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Businesses investing successful integer translation initiatives are aged news. However, successful the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, overmuch of those initiatives shifted arsenic enterprises reallocated fund dollars and resources to antithetic integer translation projects.

In 2020, TechRepublic Premium conducted a survey to find retired conscionable however tech leaders reimagined concern successful the integer age, and COVID-19's interaction connected those aboriginal objectives.

According to the survey results, COVID-19 forced 60% of respondents to change their integer translation plans. For example, since COVID-19 began, 65% said they utilized exertion to alteration communications and collaboration betwixt distant employees, portion 56% cited an accrued absorption connected integer tools to facilitate integer training. Further, adjacent to fractional (47%) of survey respondents planned to walk much connected integer translation successful 2021 than successful 2020.

One twelvemonth later, COVID-19 remains. How the pandemic volition interaction institution budgets and projects for integer translation remains to beryllium seen. 

What bash you think? 

TechRepublic Premium is conducting a abbreviated survey to larn astir the enterprise's 2022 integer translation initiatives. If you're acquainted with your company's integer translation plans we privation to perceive from you. 

Is COVID-19 altering your company's integer translation projects, priorities, oregon budgets? How? Has your institution experienced immoderate integer translation challenges? What were they? Which integer technologies present the champion results and which failed to present promised results? We privation to perceive from you.

Take the Digital translation 2022 survey and fto america know.

You'll beryllium asked 10 oregon less survey questions, positive a mates of demographic questions. Data from this survey volition beryllium utilized successful an upcoming TechRepublic Premium report. 

Visit the TechRepublic Premium Digital translation 2022 survey.

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