Jim Acosta Stops Darrell Issa Dead In His Tracks As He Lies About Afghanistan

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CNN’s Jim Acosta stepped up and reminded Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) astir Trump’s Afghanistan surrender arsenic the congressman blaming Biden.


On CNN @Acosta stops Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) successful the midst of lying astir Afghanistan by delivering facts astir Trump and Pompeo's negotiated surrender, and noting that the "The Taliban didn't go Girl Scouts." https://t.co/s7Do6sIP6M


Rep. Issa said, “ We could spell done the database of failures to marque Afghanistan into a functional state. But starting successful January, president Biden, to his credit, has reversed each azygous policy of President Donald Trump astatine the border oregon anyplace else. And this was nary exception. To accidental that the pullout was Donald Trump’s argumentation is to forget that nether President Trump, each clip the Taliban violated their agreement, they got bombed. They got attacked. That stopped. The thought of pulling retired and taking distant the assets that would let reprisals was not Donald Trump’s. That was, successful fact, this administration. Right now, the existent situation is there were 37 cardinal Afghans — “

Jim Acosta acceptable the grounds straight, “But president — if I whitethorn chopped you off, congressman, I’m sorry, but each on the way, the Taliban, it’s not precisely they became the miss scouts overnight. The Taliban was the Taliban. And they were being invited to Camp David. Mike Pompeo, the caput of state, was cutting a bid deal with the Taliban precocious past year. This woody was inactive being honored by erstwhile President Donald Trump arsenic helium was leaving office. It’s not precisely — it’s not like the Taliban abruptly became the miss scouts. We cognize who the Taliban are. And it’s not — it’s not like they were going to alteration their stripes overnight. And truthful wasn’t president Biden essentially dealing with the aforesaid radical that Donald Trump was dealing with erstwhile helium was president?”

The Media Needs To Follow Jim Acosta’s Lead

Context and past person been missing from overmuch of the mainstream media’s Afghanistan sum implicit the past week. Jim Acosta didn’t fto Rep. Issa rotation his communicative of contiguous without providing the needed discourse of however Afghanistan arrived astatine today.

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, and the Trump administration’s negotiated surrender woody with the Taliban are however this happened. 

For a week, the media provided a drumbeat of mendacious narratives, but Jim Acosta gave his viewers discourse and derailed Rep. Darrell Issa.

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