John Travolta on how he talked to their young son about Kelly Preston's death

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(CNN)John Travolta has been candid concerning however helium talked to his young lad astir his woman Kelly Preston's death.

Preston died successful July 2020 from bosom cancer.

"(Ben) said to maine once, 'Because ma passed away, I'm acrophobic you're going to,'" Travolta told Kevin Hart connected Hart's speech show.

    "I said, 'Well, it's a precise antithetic thing.' And I went done the differences astir my longevity and her constricted life."

      John Travolta honors Kelly Preston's past  role

      "I said, 'Ben, you person ever loved the truth, and I'm going to archer you the information astir life. Nobody knows erstwhile they are going to spell oregon erstwhile they are going to stay."

      The histrion besides spoke to Ben astir the decease of the couple's older son, Jett, successful 2009 astatine the property of 16 aft having a seizure.

        "Your member (Jett) near astatine 16. Too young. Your parent near astatine 57. That was excessively young. But who's to say? I could dice tomorrow. You could. Anybody can," helium said during the interview.

        "So let's look astatine it similar it's portion of life. You don't cognize exactly. You conscionable bash your champion astatine trying to unrecorded the longest you can."

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