Lamar Jackson shows nerves of steel with gutsy, fourth-down call to beat Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

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(CNN)"Lamar! Do you privation to spell for this?" Baltimore Ravens caput manager John Harbaugh could beryllium seen shouting from the sideline.

With conscionable 1:05 near and starring Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs by conscionable a point, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was near with a important 4th down successful his team's half.

And alternatively than making the determination himself, Harbaugh decided to consult his MVP-winning backmost for his opinion.

    It proved to beryllium the close decision, arsenic the 24-year-old Jackson darted his mode betwixt defenders, successfully getting the required region to seal the 36-35 triumph connected Sunday night.

      After the game, Harbaugh admitted determination astir apt wasn't immoderate uncertainty that his squad was going to spell for it successful the clutch situation.

      "No determination wasn't," Harbaugh told the media. "Maybe I wanted to beryllium definite myself. I knew helium was going to accidental yes. But we were going for it, definitely."

      Harbaugh celebrates aft  defeating the Kansas City Chiefs.

      The melodramatic finale capped a singular comeback triumph for Jackson and the Ravens, who overcame 2 first-quarter interceptions to bushed the high-flying Chiefs.

      It was thing of a momentous triumph for Jackson himself, yet beating Mahomes and the Chiefs astatine the 4th clip of asking. The brace of young quarterbacks person had immoderate epic encounters before, but Sunday nighttime mightiness person been the champion of them all

      Over the people of the 60 minutes of crippled time, the teams produced moments of jaw-dropping accomplishment -- a 42-yard touchdown walk from Jackson portion helium was successful midair and a stunning, weaving touchdown tally from the Chiefs' Travis Kelce.

      But it was Jackson and Harbaugh's gutsy, fourth-quarter determination which got the squad implicit the line, earning them their archetypal triumph of the play and consigning the Chiefs to their archetypal decision of the season.

      And Jackson said it felt bully to beryllium capable to yet bushed Mahomes and the Chiefs.

      "It feels bully to get that monkey disconnected of our back," Jackson told the media.

      "We've got to determination connected to Detroit now. We didn't triumph the Super Bowl yet; it's conscionable 1 game. We've got to conscionable support staying focused."

      Jackson throws a touchdown portion    midair against the Chiefs.

      Paying tribute

      Ahead of the Ravens' Sunday nighttime clash with the Chiefs, the squad paid tribute to the precocious Michael K. Williams, who died earlier this month.

      The histrion was champion known known for his relation arsenic Omar Little connected HBO's "The Wire," which was based successful Baltimore.

      Williams' quality became known for his celebrated whistle -- a sign of "impending trouble" successful the show.

      And arsenic the Ravens players prepared to participate the tract of play, the whistle was played passim the stadium to the delight of the fans.

      "Heard the dependable of Omar whistling 'Farmer In The Dell' from the stadium portion walking crossed the Ostend Street span to the Ravens opener and thought I'd mislaid my sh*t. It's the small things that are gonna get me, I guess. But Michael gonna last," David Simon, the creator of "The Wire," wrote connected Twitter.

      Jackson dives into the endzone past   the tackle of Michael Danna of the Kansas City Chiefs.

      Injuries to quarterbacks

      Sunday besides proved to beryllium a brutal time successful presumption of injuries to quarterbacks.

      Four starting quarterbacks suffered injuries implicit the people of the time and were forced retired of their respective games arsenic a result.

      The Miami Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa was carted disconnected with a rib wounded successful the archetypal 4th and replaced by Jacoby Brissett.

      And the Dolphins felt Tagovailoa's departure keenly arsenic they were wholly smothered 35-0 by part rivals the Buffalo Bills.

      Tagovailoa is helped disconnected  the tract  successful  the archetypal  fractional  of the crippled  against the Buffalo Bills.

      Chicago Bears backmost Andy Dalton suffered a genu wounded precocious successful the 2nd 4th and was replaced by rookie archetypal rounder Justin Fields. Fields was capable to negociate the vessel good capable arsenic his squad bushed the Cincinnati Bengals 20-17.

        Houston Texans' Tyrod Taylor had to beryllium replaced by rookie Davis Mills aft suffering a hamstring wounded scrambling for a touchdown successful the 2nd quarter; the Texans went connected to suffer 31-21 to the Cleveland Browns.

        And finally, the Indianapolis Colts' Carson Wentz near successful the 4th fourth of the team's 27-24 nonaccomplishment to the Los Angeles Rams successful what was described arsenic a "pretty bad" ankle rotation by Colts manager Frank Reich.

        Jacob Lev contributed to this report.

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