Legendary Persona Composer Resigns, Will Develop Indies Instead

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Shoji Meguro’s eclectic soundscapes are synonymous with the Persona brand: a stimulating premix of jazz, funk, pop, hip-hop, etc. According to an NME report, Meguro is entering the next stage of his philharmonic vocation aft moving connected Atlus’ dev squad since the mid-90s. The legendary Persona composer has resigned and volition prosecute his long-time imagination of processing indie games instead. 

Don’t worry. Meguro isn’t conscionable abandoning our favorite JRPG franchises. He’ll beryllium contributing to aboriginal titles (possibly Persona 6?) arsenic a freelancer. You tin spot the archetypal Twitter announcement above. He besides elaborates connected his determination successful a subtitled video that you tin ticker below.

Meguro states that helium near Atlus astatine the extremity of September and created different games connected the broadside for the past 5 years. After applying to the Kodansha Game Creators Lab, helium was selected arsenic a finalist and monetarily rewarded. This helped spark his determination to spell indie. 

“Atlus Co., Ltd. accepted my dream, oregon alternatively my selfishness,” Meguro states successful the Kodansha video. “We person agreed to proceed to make and make euphony together. There volition beryllium much games and euphony successful the aboriginal truthful enactment tuned. Also, the crippled I americium [now] moving connected volition beryllium announced connected the 6th of November 2021 astatine the Indie Live Expo.”

Under the moniker of MegaRock, Meguro has shown immoderate prototype footage of the crippled he’s been moving on. You tin cheque retired the third-person shooter successful the pursuing Twitter post.

This twelvemonth marks the 25th Anniversary of the Persona series. Atlus promised respective uncover streams, with the archetypal 1 targeting its Japanese audience. The pursuing showcase successful December, however, mightiness person immoderate breathtaking surprises successful store. 

What are your favourite Shoji Meguro songs?

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