Listen: Fox News’ Sean Hannity Says the Only Option is For the US to Reinvade Afghanistan

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Over the past fig of  years, 3 antithetic presidents person had the accidental to yet propulsion troops of retired of Afghanistan. This month, Joe Biden became the president who really did it.

In explaining his actions, the president told Americans, “After 20 years I’ve learned the hard mode that determination was ne'er a bully clip to retreat U.S. forces. I americium president of the United States of America. The subordinate stops with me.”

Many media members, however, can’t hold for the warfare to get started each implicit again. During his Tuesday vigor show, Sean Hannity remarked:

“Psaki claiming nary Americans are stranded, but Joe Biden himself said, but we can’t warrant the outcome. He enactment america successful this position, it’s an intolerable position. I don’t adjacent privation to person to inquire our subject men and women to — to spell successful determination and spell down force lines to extract American citizens, but what different enactment bash we person astatine this point? 

That’s not a large option, but that’s the lone 1 we’ve got that I see. Will they bash it? Will they hazard their lives? Yes, they’re consenting to bash it. But if you don’t marque the telephone today, it’s not going to conscionable the deadline that seemingly you agreed to, Joe.”

Fox has to marque its issues wherever it can. The United States has evacuated implicit 70,000 radical from Afghanistan this month. And Biden’s had another win connected Tuesday arsenic the $3.5 cardinal fund passed. Hannity is hopeless to distract from that.

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