Marjorie Taylor Greene Shows She’s Scared Of Being Kicked Out Of Congress For Coup

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene showed her fearfulness of being disqualified from serving successful bureau for participating successful Trump’s coup.

Greene responded to Marc E. Elias saying that determination could beryllium enactment against Trump coup participants that could disqualify them from bureau by tweeting:

11 much months Marc.

With retired of power ostentation hurting families, nationalist information situation from Democrats unfastened borders, and changeless increasing authoritarian power from your clients, this is wide desperation going into ‘22.

Here’s our abbreviated list.

— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) December 21, 2021

Elias responded:

Looks similar idiosyncratic is disquieted astir being disqualified from serving successful Congress for engaging successful insurrection…👀

— Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) December 21, 2021

Taylor Greene conscionable similar each of the different House Republicans who are nether probe for participating successful Trump’s crippled to overthrow the authorities lone seems capable to comfortableness herself with dreams of powerfulness and however she volition inflict revenge upon her enemies.

The 1/6 Committee is consenting to crook implicit grounds of transgression enactment to the authorities for prosecution. That means that if radical similar Rep. Greene criminally participated successful the coup, they could find themselves booted retired of Congress.

Elias made a dependable prediction. The grounds that the 1/6 Committee is amassing whitethorn unit each American to person a superior speech astir the destiny of Trump’s legislature coup plotters.

Rep. Greene seems rattled and banking connected the 2022 predetermination to prevention her skin.

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