Mayim Bialik to be first guest host of 'Jeopardy!' following Mike Richards' departure

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New York (CNN Business)Mayim Bialik volition beryllium the archetypal impermanent big of the weekday variation of "Jeopardy!" successful the aftermath of Mike Richards' departure from the job.

Bialik volition big the episodes that are taped this week, radical acquainted with the substance told CNN Business. Since the crippled amusement typically tapes a week's worthy of episodes connected a azygous day, this means she volition big 3 weeks of "Jeopardy!"

Sony, the show's producer, declined to comment.

    When Bialik was named earlier this period arsenic the big of "Jeopardy!" premier clip specials, it was seen by immoderate arsenic a consolation prize, since Richards was named the big of the fashionable weekday show. Only 1 specified premier clip tourney is presently scheduled to air.

      Mike Richards has stepped down   arsenic  the big   of 'Jeopardy!'

      But with Richards abruptly retired arsenic the regular host, amid contention implicit his past violative remarks, Bialik whitethorn present beryllium positioned arsenic a frontrunner for the weekday job. A idiosyncratic acquainted with the substance confirmed connected Monday that workplace executives are considering her for the role.

      "The workplace loves Mayim but astatine the clip of the determination for the existent season, her docket for 'Call maine Kat' was acceptable and she wouldn't person been capable to juggle the syndicated amusement and her fox sitcom," the idiosyncratic said.

      "Now that determination is immoderate much clip to fig things out, she has go a existent viable prime for Sony," the idiosyncratic continued. "It conscionable makes consciousness to inquire her to measurement successful for respective weeks portion they fig retired adjacent steps."

      There has been immoderate speculation that Richards, who remains for present arsenic enforcement shaper of "Jeopardy!," is making decisions astir the adjacent host.

      But the idiosyncratic who spoke to CNN Business connected Monday said that isn't the case.

      Instead, the idiosyncratic said, Sony Pictures Entertainment main enforcement Tony Vinciquerra and Global Television Studios president Ravi Ahuja are the radical straight progressive .

      "They precise overmuch don't privation to spell done different extended audition process," the idiosyncratic added.

      People with cognition of the process person besides pointed to Ken Jennings, who posted the highest ratings of each the "Jeopardy!" impermanent hosts past season, arsenic different contender. Jennings was said to beryllium a finalist the archetypal clip astir and has stayed with the amusement arsenic a consulting producer.

      Bialik is champion known for her years connected the smash deed CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," wherever she played Amy. She presently plays the rubric quality successful "Call Me Kat" connected Fox. Off-camera, she hosts a play podcast astir intelligence wellness called "Mayim Bialik's Breakdown."

      In a connection earlier this month, astir her primetime role, she said, "I couldn't beryllium much thrilled to articulation the Jeopardy! family. What started retired with my 15-year-old repeating a rumor from Instagram that I should impermanent big the amusement has turned into 1 of the astir breathtaking and surreal opportunities of my life! I'm truthful grateful and excited to proceed to enactment with Mike Richards, and I'm conscionable implicit the satellite to articulation forces with him and Sony. After each the conversations we've had astir this partnership, I americium conscionable truthful acceptable to get started!"

      Richards' tenure arsenic the regular big was chopped precise abbreviated aft a communicative connected The Ringer website elaborate a slew of violative comments successful his past.

        Claire McNear, the newsman down the communicative and the writer of a caller publication astir the "Jeopardy!" franchise, said connected CNN's "New Day" Monday that "the large question is wherever does 'Jeopardy!' spell from here?"

        "It has been specified a unchangeable instauration connected tv and successful American civilization for truthful galore decades," she said. "And abruptly now, with this scandal, it feels similar that has been shaken. And I deliberation there's a batch of concern, particularly wrong Sony and wrong the 'Jeopardy!' staff, that this reliable happening mightiness not beryllium what it was and it could conscionable go different crippled show."

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