Mega Garmin leak reveals Fenix 7, Instinct 2 and Venu 2 Plus designs

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(Pocket-lint) - A immense leak of Garmin watches has revealed an full postulation of devices from assorted merchandise lines, each of which are expected to motorboat soon, apt astir CES 2022 clip successful January. 

For many, the header merchandise volition beryllium the Garmin Fenix 7, the adjacent procreation of Fenix which hasn't seen a bid fig update successful much than 2 years, pursuing assorted revisions and updates to the Fenix 6 family archetypal launched successful 2019. 

From a plan standpoint - looking astatine the images - it doesn't look arsenic though we're going to spot immoderate large plan changes from the Fenix 6. But if you look intimately you volition spot them. 

For instance, alternatively than having 5 tiny screws connected the bevel astir the display, the screws person been moved to the strap lugs, suggesting the apical metallic sheet volition widen to screen those. The reddish accent astir the start/stop fastener successful the apical close has besides go much prominent. 

As always, determination volition beryllium antithetic sizes of Fenix 7, with the leak suggesting we'll spot a larger 7X arsenic good arsenic the smaller 7S (pictured above), each of which volition beryllium disposable arsenic Solar models, offering longer artillery life. 

We're besides apt to spot antithetic colour combinations and finishes, with the 7S leaked successful white/silver, white/rose golden and achromatic (below). 

As good arsenic the Fenix series, it appears Garmin is besides astir to motorboat a 2nd procreation of its much affordable Instinct range. The Instinct Solar was 1 of our favourite no-frills fittingness trackers, acknowledgment to its reliability and ace artillery performance. 

The 2nd procreation features a akin plan to the archetypal acording to the leaks, and has the monochrome LCD surface with a smaller, circular secondary show successful the corner. 

Only achromatic and achromatic models person leaked of the Instinct 2, but fixed however colourful immoderate of the existent models are, it would beryllium astonishing not to spot yellows, reds and blues participate the scope astatine immoderate point. 

The extended leaks are from the accustomed root - Roland Quandt astatine WinFuture - and, arsenic good arsenic Fenix and Instinct lines, besides see the antecedently rumoured Venu 2 Plus


Garmin mega leak photograph  8

This caller exemplary of Venu continues with the AMOLED show that keeps it chiseled from the remainder of the Garmin range, and has been rumoured to adhd an further fastener to enactment microphone functionality, allowing you to marque and person calls connected your wrist. 

In summation to those 3 watches, it's suggested we're besides going to spot a 2nd procreation Garmin Epix. And with Garmin's merchandise portfolio including a plethora of antithetic merchandise ranges and names, it's apt we'll spot much than that successful 2022. 

Stay tuned though. CES isn't that acold away, truthful we'll apt get the afloat representation wrong the adjacent fewer weeks. 

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