Mercedes Vision EQXX launch: How to watch the unveiling of the super-efficient electric Mercedes live

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(Pocket-lint) - Mercedes-Benz promised that it would beryllium unveiling the Vision EQXX, a caller prototype that volition beryllium the astir businesslike Mercedes-Benz ever.

And wherefore does ratio matter? Because arsenic we determination into a post-combustion era, getting the astir retired of your artillery powerfulness is becoming progressively important.

The Vision EQXX is promising implicit 1000km of range.

When is the Mercedes Vision EQXX event?

Mercedes-Benz volition beryllium unveiling the Vision EQXX arsenic a item of CES 2022. The online lawsuit volition instrumentality spot 3 January 2022 astatine 6pm CET. Here are the section times, globally:

  • San Francisco - 09:00 PST
  • New York - 12:00 EST
  • London - 17:00 GMT
  • New Delhi - 22:30 IST
  • Tokyo - 02:00 JST, 4 Jan
  • Sydney - 04:00 AEDT, 4 Jan

How to ticker the Mercedes Vision EQXX lawsuit online

You volition beryllium capable to ticker the unveiling of the Vision EQXX arsenic Mercedes-Benz volition beryllium hosting a liststream. It volition beryllium disposable done assorted channels, but we person embedded it beneath for you to watch.

What to expect

The Vision EQXX is being billed arsenic the astir businesslike Mercedes-Benz ever, promising 1000km scope - oregon 620 miles - and getting 6 miles per kWh from the battery. 

That's a greater ratio than you'll get from existent electrical cars, which mightiness agelong arsenic precocious arsenic 5 miles per kWh - and the amended efficiency, the greater the scope for immoderate fixed artillery size. Naturally, being much efficient, means you tin trim the size and value of the artillery - bringing down the wide outgo - though arsenic Mercedes is successful the luxury tier of cars, that's improbable to beryllium the superior concern. 

The purpose of the Vision EQXX is to outline a way to the aboriginal wherever electrical cars tin person a scope the rivals the large diesels, galore of which volition springiness you 600 miles of scope oregon much erstwhile driving astatine road speeds, which is wherever electrical cars are astatine their weakest endurance wise. 

The Vision EQXX volition purpose to outline Mercedes-Benz's enactment successful electrical cars and show technologies that volition power the roll-out of further electrical models from the marque.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 20 December 2021.

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