Mike Pompeo Lies And Blames Biden For Trump’s Surrender To The Taliban

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Former Sec. of State Mike Pompeo negotiated Trump’s surrender to the Taliban, but helium is present blaming President Biden.

Mike Pompeo Lies About Trump’s Surrender To The Taliban


Mike Pompeo level retired lies and rewrites past to assertion that helium and Trump wanted to bash this close which is wherefore helium gave the Taliban 5,000 fighters, gutted the Special Immigrant Visa system, and nary program for an organized withdrawal. https://t.co/jOaoaAJavg


Pompeo said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

We were determined to get this right. Everyone knew that President Trump wanted to get men and young women backmost home. We ever knew that conditions had to beryllium close to execute that. Had to person the administration on the crushed close to bash that. This medication leaving equipment and civilians behind. We drew down from 15,000 to 2500 and kept the order that had been there. We didn’t person the chaos. All the portion we took 12,500 soldiers. When we got to that point, we went backmost and looked astatine the conditions.

We wanted to get those last numbers retired but we ne'er found the conditions close to bash so. So we continued to lb the Taliban erstwhile they violated the agreement erstwhile they moved connected a checkpoint oregon moved successful a place that they weren’t permitted. We utilized American powerfulness and made clear to the Taliban that there would beryllium existent consequences. What happened here, Maria, is you had a person who was unprepared to bash that.

When the Taliban pushed connected the Trump administration, we pushed back adjacent harder and imposed real outgo and erstwhile the Biden administration pushed, they withdrew to a commercialized airdrome that successful nary mode has the capableness to get our radical retired with the velocity that needs to hap to keep them safe. This is an incompetent method of getting our folks retired and presents existent risk. I commune that we get them each home but I’m watching contiguous adjacent now they haven’t yet organized successful a way to propulsion the American power out successful a mode to marque definite that we tin get Americans retired of the country. 

Pompeo Negotiated The US Surrender In Afghanistan

Here is what really happened successful Afghanistan nether Pompeo’s watch,Two years ago, Pompeo began pushing for a deal with the Taliban. Hawks urged him to stipulate successful the statement that the Taliban had to turn implicit al-Qaida operatives. They besides asked him to cull immoderate request for a “premature merchandise of Taliban prisoners.” He did neither. Under the deal, signed connected Feb. 29, 2020, the U.S. government pledged “to retreat from Afghanistan each subject forces of the United States, its allies, and Coalition partners … wrong fourteen (14) months.” The woody besides specified that the Afghan authorities would merchandise 5,000 prisoners, 5 times arsenic galore arsenic the Taliban had to release. There was nary request to manus implicit al-Qaida operatives…American forces instantly began to vacate bases and pull out. But the Taliban, contrary to its commitments, escalated its attacks. “

Mike Pompeo And Donald Trump Gave Afghanistan To The Taliban, And Joe Biden Is Cleaning Up The Mess

Joe Biden is cleaning up Trump and Pompeo’s mess. New polling shows that the withdrawal is not hurting Biden’s popularity. Mike Pompeo’s lies and working, arsenic it is wide that by blaming Biden for thing that a bulk of Americans want, Pompeo isn’t scoring governmental points. He is reinforcing the failures of the Trump administration.

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